Wig Styling Services: Anime North 2019

Posted on 14 May 2019

We are happy to announce that once again, we will be offering wig styling services at the Arda Wigs Canada booth during Anime North 2019!


Our two master wig stylists will be taking wig-styling commissions during vendor hours.  Some services offered are trimming bangs, curling, straightening and styling those perfect spikes!

Spots fill up quickly, so here is how you can be prepared:

Please Note:

  • This year we will be limiting the styling purchases to one per customer.
  • You may bring a previously purchased wig to the stylist consultation. To ensure positive results, our stylists will only style Arda Wigs branded wigs. Other wig brands have different levels of heat resistance, and may not have enough fibre to ensure that your completed style is up to par with Arda’s standards.

    1.  Reference Material

    We can’t style a wig if we don’t know what it looks like! Please print out high quality images of the style you would like to commission in advance. Include the character’s name and the title of the character’s source material.


    1. Be ready to purchase your wig and service

    If you plan on having a wig styled, please consult with the stylists first to confirm what base Arda Wigs branded wig may be required. After your consultation, you will receive a “stylist card” that includes your name, contact information, and recommended base. Please present this card to an available staff member so you can purchase the wig style listed. After the purchase of both the wig style and styling service, your wig will be placed in the styling cue!

    Worried we might not have what you need? Reserve your products now!


    1. Be ready to pick up your finished wig

    It’s a busy weekend for all of us, so please be ready to pick up your freshly styled wig when contacted!


    Styling Fees

    Only our stylists will be able to quote you on their styling fees. We have a range of services that have price estimates, but our stylists have the final say. Please only ask the stylists for commission fee quotes, as our main staff (as incredibly knowledgeable as they are!) will not give styling quotes. Fees can range from $15, up to $200 depending on the intricacy of the style and how long it will take. Please be prepared to pay the styling fee before work can begin.


    Pre-bookings are not available. All bookings are done on a first-come first-serve basis.

    Stylists have the right to refuse service in situations where a style is too complex for their timeline, inadequate materials, etc. We do our very best to accommodate everyone!

    Please be respectful of your fellow convention attendees and our stylists. We’re all here to celebrate our love for our communities. Our booth can be busy at times, and so we thank you in advance for your incredible patience throughout the weekend. We’re here for you!


    We look forward to seeing you! 

    Want to ensure that we have the materials and styles you need for your next project? FIll our our request form, and we’ll set it aside for you. Requests close May 20th, 2019

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