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Genshin Impact (Mondstadt) Wig Suggestion Guide

Posted on 20 January 2021


Aether (Male Traveler)

Wig Suggestions: Hansel or Jareth long in Fairy Blonde

The Hansel already has shorter, curly layers. Add Long Wefts or XL Clip-in Extensions for the braid, or trim and style the top of a long style such as our Jareth Long, Luthien, or Venus. Fairy Blonde is a light golden shade, but you might also like Champagne for a more natural look.


Lumine (Female Traveler)

Wig Suggestion: Ayumi in Fairy Blonde or Champagne

Our Ayumi style has longer pieces in front, which are perfect for Lumine’s side tails with some trimming! Fairy Blonde is a light golden shade, but you might also like Champagne for a more natural look.



Wig Suggestions: Nigel or Inigo in Silver

Our Nigel is double thick compared to most styles, which is great for Paimon’s fluffy hair! Our Inigo is a smoother bob with less layers; tease and texture this style for more volume. 



Wig Suggestions: Jeannie Base or Ayumi in Champagne

Our Jeannie Base is ponytail-ready while the Ayumi is a more lightweight base that's easy to manage. For the tail, use one of our Ponytail Wraps! The Jeannie Base's tail will be a tad short on its own, so we recommend the wrap for both styles. 

This tutorial shows how to use ponytail wraps and our heat styling video shows how you can add curls and more!



Wig Suggestion: Venus in Mocha or Coffee

Our Venus Silky comes in Mocha and Coffee. Mocha will be the closest to most references while Coffee will be a bit warmer and lighter. Our Nina and Luthien styles come in the sister colors Dark Brown and Spanish Brown if you wish to use our Classic fibers and smooth the curls with heat. 



Wig Suggestion: Ferrari in Dark Ash Blonde

Our Ferrari is a perfect out-of-the-bag style for Lisa. Secure loosely at the side with a ribbon or hair tie and trim the bangs to your liking.



Wig Suggestions: Caine or Magnum in Midnight Blue

Add a matching XL Clip-in Extension for the ponytail and a Clip-in Extension in Cool Mint for the bang streak, and you're good to go! The Caine will be smoother in the back while the Magnum has a bit more length to work with.

If you'd like to add an ombre to the bang streak, you can hand-color with sharpie markers or dip dye with a little Rit Dyemore



Wig Suggestion: Chibi in Champagne or Ash Blonde

Our Chibi is ideal for pigtails thanks to the special skin part down the back. For longer tails, we recommend adding a couple of our Ponytail Wraps. Our ponytail wrap tutorial is a great step-by-step on how to achieve this look.



Wig Suggestion: Luthien in Cherry Red or Rust Red

Cherry Red is the closest shade to the artwork, but the brightness can be quite striking! If you are particular about brighter colors with your complexion or in photos, Rust Red is a little darker and can be more forgiving. The Luthien has lots of wavy layers throughout, but it will need some trimming for accurate lengths around the top.

View our tutorial on feathering bangs, which can also be applied to other areas.



Wig Suggestion: Jareth Long in Light Grey

Our Jareth Long has many layers and a pre-teased top excellent for spiking! You might consider adding an extra pack of Long Wefts in the back or using one of our many texturing tutorials for more volume.

Here's an easy trick to obtain fluffy spikes!



Wig Suggestions: Magnum or Jaguar in Raven

Add a pack of Short Wefts in Electric Blue or Royal Blue for the side tails! The Jaguar would need more trimming and styling in the front and back, but it has longer sides for a smoother transition to the lighter weft color. 

Learn more about adding wefts for a faux ombre here and see our Venti tutorial with ombre-dyed wefts!



Wig Suggestions: Chibi or Eowyn in Champagne

Our Chibi style can be worn in lower pigtails, but it may need some careful hair placement to avoid gaps due to the unique wefting. Our Eowyn doesn't have a pigtail part down the back, but you can use the criss-cross trick to make it pigtail friendly. Learn some techniques for styling ahoge here!



Wig Suggestion: Caine in Victory Blonde or Ash Blonde

Victory Blonde has some grey blended in for a cooler tone while Ash Blonde will be a tad warmer. Fluff the style easily with a hair dryer and add some curl with a little heat!



Wig Suggestion: Inigo in Twilight Grey

Our Inigo is perfect with a little styling! Add the front braid using a few of our Clip-in Extensions or a pack of Short Wefts



Wig Suggestion: Venus in Pale Blonde or Custard

Venus has a ton of volume, which is handy for half up/down looks. You may need to do some careful placement to avoid gaps. For thicker pigtails, consider our Ponytail WrapsView our Ponytail Wrap tutorial for more information on how to use wraps with your wig.



Wig Suggestions: Jaguar in Cool Mint or Magnum in Mint

If you prefer Cool Mint, we carry XL Clip-in Extensions in the same shade as a quick ponytail add-on. Substitute the clip for a pack of Long Wefts if you use a Magnum in Mint. Add a small Clip-in Extension in Powder Blue for the top streak, and you can color the "ear" tips with Sharpie or other alcohol-based markers.



Wig Suggestions: Katinka in Dark Purple 

Our Katinka's cut bangs and side tails make it a perfect base for Mona! Add 2 Mid Clips in Dark Purple (Coming Soon) for her pigtails. 



Wig Suggestion: Magnum Long in Light Pink

Curl the layers up for her fluffy look and secure the bangs into a small ponytail. 



Wig Suggestions: Inigo in Ash Blonde or Bucky in Champagne

Bucky is a lacefront while Inigo is a normal style. You can relax the curls on the bucky with heat from a flat iron, simmering hot water, or a steamer. We have a great tutorial on this here.

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