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Our Top 6 Gifts for Cosplayers and Crafters!

Posted on 06 December 2018

Have a creative person in your life this holiday season? Need something fun but useful for this year’s secret santa? We know it can be hard to pick out that one thing they don’t already have, or even finding a place to start! It’s a big awesome world of possibility in the land of cosplay and crafting, so let us help you brainstorm with the top six gifts you can order from Arda Wigs Canada, guaranteed to be appreciated.


#6 Wig Heads & Stands

Often overlooked, having a stand to hold up a wig head will save hours of frustration!  Completely adjustable to attach to virtually any table, our collection of wig stands means styling in the hotel room of a big event will be a nightmare of the past. Available in budget, standard, or tall version, you’ll be called a lifesaver the moment the wrapping paper is ripped.

For the differences between these three versions, check out the product description.

(Don’t forget a wig head either! Sold separately, each foam head comes with a whole in the neck, compatible with these stands.)



#5 Styling Tools


It would be hard to pick just one styling tool, so we’re cheating here and giving you a few ideas (shh!).  Having the right tools for the job is half the battle when it comes to wig styling. Having access to the basics on the fly will make any cosplayers day. Consider looking at our new wig brushes, grabbing a bottle of detangler, can of hairspray, or even a couple wig caps (you can never have to many wig caps!). Our entire wig styling tool section is a treasure trove of items that are perfect stocking stuffers for the wig stylist in your life. Beginner or advanced!




#4 Lumin's Workshop Foam Clay

If you haven’t heard of Lumin’s Workshop Foam Clay yet, let us be the first to tell you that receiving a container of this awesome new material will make you the most popular gift-giver in the room. Made popular by Kamui Cosplay, it starts out as a silky smooth clay like material that air dries over 48 hours into a dense foam material that can be cut, sanded, painted, and even heated.  Perfect for sculpting organic details or filling in seams while remaining ultra-light weight. It’s not just for cosplay either! If you have a do-it-yourself-er, or someone who enjoys crafting in your life, they will love the potential of Lumin’s Workshop Foam Clay. (It’s great with kids as well!) Available in three sizes: 50g, 150g, and 300g. And three colours: White, Grey, and Black.)




#3 Kamui Cosplay Books



Give the gift of knowledge with one or more books written by professional cosplayer Kamui Cosplay. With 15 years of experience, learn the basics of sewing, prop making, and using EVA foam in these instructional books. Know someone thirsty for more advanced tips and tricks? Pick up the advanced books and learn how to rig up lighting, airbrush, and advanced prop making. These books are so good, you might actually consider picking one up for yourself!


#2 Thermoplastic Sampler Pack

With so many thermoplastics out there it can be hard to choose which one to use for your own project, so how are you supposed to thermoplastic shop for someone else? We've put together a solution for you - a sampler pack of all 8 thermoplastics we carry! Your lucky gift recipient will receive eight different 5 x 7" sample sheets and instructions on how to use each. They'll be crafting in no time!



#1 Arda Wigs Canada Gift Card



It can be hard to know what style or colour someone will find useful for their next project, especially if they haven’t decided on it quite yet!  Choosing a wig is a very personal decision, so there is nothing impersonal about choosing to give a gift card from Arda Wigs Canada. Choose from as little as $10, to as much as $100, and never expires. Perfect!



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