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Top 10 Gifts for Cosplayers and Crafters!

Posted on 29 November 2019

Have a creative person on your list this holiday season? Need something fun but useful for this year’s Secret Santa? We know you're busy, so let us make your holiday shopping a breeze with our guide to the Top 10 Gifts for Cosplayers and Crafters from Arda Wigs Canada!


#10 EVA Foam Sample Pack

Hard-Lite or Form-Lite? 5mm or 6mm? Sometimes it can be hard to decide which material is right for a project. EVA Foam sample sets come with a square of every foam we carry (including Plastazote!) and are a valuable tool in the costume and prop maker’s arsenal. Consider picking one up for a useful stocking stuffer!



#9 Colour Rings


The colour ring is an extremely handy, but often overlooked, tool in the cosplayer/drag artist/wig stylist’s life. With a sample of every one of our blended colours, it takes the guessing out of choosing the perfect shade for your next wig purchase and enables you to see every colour under different lighting and against your chosen fabrics. Pick one up for a friend or family member (and throw one in for yourself while you’re at it!)




#8 Budget EVA Foam Bundle

Have a lot of names on your list but want to still get them all awesome gifts? Our budget EVA foam options may be the solution! Pick up a stack of Econo-Foam or an Off-cut Bevel/Dowel Bundle for the foamsmith in your life, all while not breaking the bank.




#7 Canvas Head



Do you have a cosplayer, drag artist, or wig stylist in your life? If the answer is yes, look no further than the canvas wig head for a great gift! These cork-filled heads come in small or large to more accurately mimic a human head, and come covered in an attractive and durable rose-pattern canvas. A must-have for anyone who finds themselves styling wigs on the regular!


#6 Craft Knife Set

Excel Blades are a US family-owned company known for creating a quality product. Get these lightweight and durable knives into the hands of your creative friends and family with the Craft Knife set! Each set includes one craft knife and one hobby knife plus 10 assorted blades.



#5 Mehron Paradise Custom Palette



Paradise Makeup AQ is the preferred choice for artists and cosplayers world-wide, so why not create a custom palette for a lucky someone this year? The Mehron empty palette comes with 8 slots that can be filled with 0.25 oz cakes of your choice (sold separately). With over 33 colours to choose from and a variety of finishes, the custom palette makes for a thoughtful and personal gift.



#4 Foam Clay

You can never have too much Foam Clay. Seriously. Any crafter will appreciate a tub or two of the good stuff as they work on their 2020 props and costumes! Used for sculpting details and accessories, creating texture, as a seam filler, casting, LED diffusion and more, the question is always what CAN’T you do with it? Foam Clay is a highly versatile and useful gift for the cosplayer, propmaker, artist, and hobbyist this holiday season.



#3 Cosplay Books


Books are always a great gift over the holidays, so why not learn something new when you snuggle up with a cup of hot cocoa this winter? Kamui Cosplay’s books teach a wide range of cosplay & crafting skills from sewing and foam crafting to more advanced techniques like LED programming and patterning. Chock-full of high-res images and information, Kamui’s books are always a popular choice!




#2 Project Kits

The Project Kit is the perfect gift for both the beginner and seasoned crafter! Each unique kit contains the materials, pattern, and assembly instructions to create one of four projects. A great way for beginner crafters to dive into the world of EVA Foam and Foam Clay crafting, or for more advanced crafters to create the piece needed for their next costume.




#1 Gift Cards



The gift card is the ultimate gift for the cosplayer and crafter! Your giftee will be thrilled for the opportunity to shop for the specific wigs and crafting supplies they need for their next projects. Available in denominations of $5-$100 CAD, gift cards do not expire and can be used in conjunction with discounts and other offers. Give the gift of choice this holiday season!


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