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How It Was Made: Nozdormu

Posted on 17 September 2019

  Character: Nozdormu (Female Version)
  Franchise: World of Warcraft
  Cosplayer: Everest  Cosplay
  Build Time: ~3 months
  Photographer: Natalie Muir (left photo) and Snap Happy Ian (detail shots) 

The base wig for this styling was a Tauriel in Spanish Brown, which is a long straight lace front style. The widow's peak hairline was gently plucked out in the front to round it out. The hair was partially pulled up for the tall ponytail, and three rows of wefts were sewn in to create the horizontal parting in the hair. The ponytail is mounted on a coat hanger wire that was then covered with a shaped pool noodle. Hair was glued onto the pool noodle in three light layers. The first layer of fibre was laid down with Flexbond to mask the pool noodle. The second layer was created by gently tacking layers down with contact cement.  The third layer was secured with hair spray and hair gel for a “natural” look to hide the glue. The front braids were french braided around the ear placement for control, then the remainder was teased, heat-set, brushed out, and braided into the large puffy braids, and hair-sprayed heavily with Got2B Freeze Spray

The hair ornaments are made of 3mm Hard-Lite, 10mm bevel, and 20mm bevel covered in “leather look” fabric and painted with acrylic paint mixed with Flexbond.







The bust is a corset base with “leather look” fabric glued to it. The gold scales on the left breast are made of 2mm Lumin's Workshop Hard-Lite with Lumin's Foam Clay ridging, primed and sealed with Flexbond, and painted with gold spray paint and airbrushed black acrylic.





The belt is made with Lumin's Workshop 3mm Hard-Lite EVA Foam as the base with 10mm, 20mm, and 30mm bevels.  The centre detail is sculpted with Lumin's Foam Clay. “Leather-look” fabric was hot glued down around accent panels made with sculpted Foam Clay to create added texture.  Exposed EVA Foam and Foam Clay were primed and sealed with Flexbond and painted with acrylic paint.





The scaled hip plates are made using a 4mm Hard-Lite base with scales hot glued on. The scales were made with the same technique as the scales on the bust, using 2mm Lumin's Workshop Hard-Lite with Lumin's Foam Clay ridging. They were primed and sealed with Flexbond, and painted with gold spray paint and airbrushed black acrylic.

The skirt panels are made with polyester taffeta, “leather-look” fabric, and gold fabric.  The gold fabric was fused on using Heat-n-Bond fabric fuse, and then satin stitched manually using a standard sewing machine. The front and back tabards are made of fabric with 20mm Bevel and 10mm Form-Lite EVA Foam carved with a rotary tool and then attached with contact cement. The tabards are painted with acrylic airbrush medium. The Foam Clay details on the tabards are primed and sealed with Flexbond and painted with acrylic paint mixed with Flexbond.





Lovingly named “Steve”, the spaulder is made from half-inch floor mat for the arc and bottom structure. 3mm Hard-Lite EVA Foam was used for the arm and ear armatures with Foam Clay detail. The lower gums are made of insulation foam noodles covered with Foam Clay. The base of the dragon's face is 4mm Hard-Lite EVA Foam with Foam Clay over top.  The teeth, side mouth tusks, and horns along the back are made of a tin foil core with Foam Clay sculpted over top. The back of the dragon is covered in Style 3 Small and Large EVA Foam Scales. The bevel edge on the arc is created with 3mm Hard-Lite EVA Foam. The horns on the arc are made of 30mm Bevel which has been carved with a Dremel rotary tool to their shape. The overhanging claws are made with Thibra on a thick wire for easy removal during transport, and for durability.

The entire piece is primed and sealed with Flexbond. The gold areas are painted with spray paint, everything else is acrylic paint mixed with Flexbond. The inside of the spaulder is covered with aluminum tape to reflect fairy lights inside. The yellow translucent 'domes' are made with Worbla TranspArt that have been dyed with Rit Dyemore Synthetic dye.

The spaulder is attached to the wearer's shoulder with straps and small buckles that attach onto the bodice’s front and back neckline. 





The thighs and shin guards are made with a 4mm Form-Lite EVA Foam base with 30mm EVA Foam Bevels and Style 3 Small EVA Foam Scales on top. Everything was primed and sealed with Flexbond then painted. The gold parts are painted with gold spray paint, while everything else is acrylic mixed with Flexbond. The shin guard emblems are made of Foam Clay, which was sculpted separately, heat-formed into a curve after completely curing, and glued on with contact cement. The thigh pieces are secured onto the wearer with fabric straps. The shin guards are secured on with velcro, which was attached to the EVA foam base with contact cement.

The boots are a square heel platform boot with 3mm Form-Lite EVA Foam used to cover them. For the details, Style 3 Small EVA Foam Scales, 10mm Bevel, and 5mm Form-Lite were used. Everything was primed and sealed with Flexbond and then painted with spray paint for the gold pieces, and acrylic mixed with Flexbond for everything else.





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