Making an Extreme Widow’s Peak

Posted on 20 June 2012


Start with your wig and pull all the hair back so you can position your widow’s peak. Create your side burns and widow’s peak out of felt that is similar to your wig color. Pin the felt in the desired position and sew it to the edge of the wig. You should put the wig on to make sure they are positioned correctly.



To create an extreme widow’s peak, remove the unwanted side wefts and save them for later use.


Now cut more felt to create a curve for the sides of your wig. Pin and sew it on. When you are done you can start sewing on the wefts to the edges. I used the wefts I took out of the sides and sewed them on the felt.


Here you can see where I sewed on the wefts. You’ll probably want to do a neat job.

17_large 18_large

Here are some progress shots of the added wefts. If you need to make more wefts you can use tulle and some extra hair. There are many tutorial that teach you how to make wefts. For this wig I cheated a little. I relocated some of the wefts in the back of the wig to the front. I then used extra hair I had cut off to make some wefts to replace the missing ones in the back.


This is the wig after the initial wefts are all sewn in. It’s a little bald so I had to add more wefts!


When enough wefts are sewn in, you should have a nice full wig again!


Now its time to sew your wig to a bald cap! This is pretty challenging. You may want to have a friend be a model so you can mark where the wig overlaps the bald cap. Be careful when you sew the cap onto the wig. You do not want to rip it! Also remember a foam head for wigs is much smaller then a human head!


Here is the result of a Joker wig I made using this method.

If you have any questions regarding this tutorial, please ask in our Forum Here!


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