Making a Two-Toned Wig

Posted on 24 May 2013

I recently got the chance to make a really neat dual color wig for a friend, so here’s a tutorial on it! Keep in mind that you can blend the secondary color in as much or as little as you like; in my end product, there was a little orange mixed in throughout most of the bottom of the wig, but not much near the top. You can always add more wefts and play around with it!


First, you’ll need two wigs, a base wig and one you’ll be harvesting for the secondary color. Make sure they’re the same style; I used Arda-Wig’s Ferrari in black (064) for the base wig, and another Ferrari in light copper red (025) for the second color.


Flip the secondary wig inside out on a wig head, pin it on, and start marking where you’re wanting to cut the wig up. Really, I just cut every three wefts, cut the front part of the bangs, and the bottom, round part of the wig.


See that elastic dangly thing? That’s used to help size the wig to your head, but since we’re cutting up this wig, go ahead and cut it off so it doesn’t get in your way in the future.


Here you can see where I lightly marked with a sharpie where I planned on cutting the wig.


When you’re cutting, use sharp scissors, and make sure to only cut the lace elastic part, not the actual wefts yet. We can cut them later when we need to size them.


I also decided to cut on the line where you see me holding the scissors, and just the very front part of the bangs, where the line of fabric is.


Always take your time, and watch where your scissors are, the parts with the netting are tough to cut so make sure that you’re careful with each cut to not get any hair caught up in the scissors!


If you run into a weft that is halfway stuck under the lace cap, pull it until you see the thread where it is sewn to the cap, and carefully use a seam ripper to get it apart, and it’ll be out of there in no time!


Something you can do with the very top of the wig, since we won’t be using it in this tutorial- you can sew it on top of another wig to have that color as the base color, and the other wig will show through under it! Here it is shown just pinned right on top of the black Ferrari.


This is showing where I cut for the very front part of the bangs, the hair is sewn around the sides as well as normally so, as usual, be very careful and take your time with the cutting.


Here are all my parts of the wig, with the top part (with the bangs) on the bottom and the bottom part, at the top!


Pin your base wig onto the wig head, and then pin the very bottom part of the secondary color to where it matches on the base wig. I suggest this because then you won’t have any issues making the wig tighter on your head as needed, because everything will be where it needs to be! This also creates a really neat effect (in this case, orange under the black, which you kind of see from the front).


Go ahead and sew that sucker on with some sturdy thread and a curved needle! Take your time and don’t rush it, make sure your stitches are nice and tight and even so you don’t worry about parts of your wig falling out!


Here is the front with just the bottom layer sewn on, and you can see the orange underneath effect I was talking about. You can blend the colors as much or as little as you want at this point.


Also, the back with just one layer sewn on. 


At this point you want to have the wig right side out and pinned very securely on to the wig head. Choose where the next set of wefts are going, and pin up all the hair above that so that none of it is hanging down to get in your way while you’re sewing.


As you can see, the next smallest set of wefts is too large to fit where I chose to put them, so measure where you need to cut them, and very carefully cut in between the hairs on the wefts.


Now it fits! Pin it on, and securely sew it on. I like to make sure the needle goes through the fabric part of the wefts, not just around them, so that I know they’re on nice and tight.


After each weft is sewn on, let the hair down and see if you want to add more or not. You might use all of your wefts, or you might just use half of them. (I only used half of mine.) Continue to sew on the wefts until you’re happy with the color throughout.


This is what mine looked like after I was finished with the wefting. Now, if you decide you want some color under your bangs as well, take the piece of bangs that you cut off your other wig, and pin it exactly where it was before on the base wig. Sew all the way around the edges since this is a bigger piece.


Brush out your wig, and you’re finished! Enjoy your new, two toned wig!

*If you have any questions regarding this tutorial, please ask RampagingCoconut!


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