Wefting 101

Posted on 24 May 2013

Article by reptoJane (repto on the Arda Wigs Forums!)

People have been asking about wefts and how to work with them, so I thought I’d toss up this 
tutorial on the subject.


Wefts are strings of fiber that make up the “hair” of a wig. They are sewn into thin strips, that in turn are sewn onto a net of wig lace that forms the cap of the wig. Some wigs may also have a skin top (for making natural looking parts), skin coin (small dot; a sort of radiant from which the “hair” grows), a skin front (like a skin forehead under the hair for the wig), or a lacefront (fine mesh that creates a very believable hair line along the forehead).  On the left is about 2/3rds of a pack of short wefts from Arda. Pretty long, eh? And you obviously get a buttload of fiber.



This wig is turned inside out. You can see the rows of wefts, connected by wig lace.




Here you can see the row of thread that attaches the wefts to the wig lace. When you remove wefts from an existing wig, you need to be careful that you are cutting this sort of thread versus cutting the thread that holds the fibers together. You don’t want loose fiber falling all over the place! A seam ripper is a *very* useful tool for this task.


Don’t cut this bit. You want to cut the thread holding the wefts to the lace, not the thread holding the hair together in strands (shown here at the tip of the seam ripper). If you are planning on cannibalizing the entire wig, you can just cut the lace, leaving the wefts still sewn to it. This is a lot easier as you only need a pair of scissors.



In this photo you can see the rows of wig lace which are the foundation of a wig. If you are sewing wefts to a wig, this is where you will attach them. Be careful to allow room for movement and stretch. It’s a good rule of thumb to have the same amount of wefting between rows of wig lace as you see in the existing row of wefts above or below where you are sewing. You don’t want a shorter gap (unless you are trying to resize your wig).


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