Card Captor Sakura Clear Card Wig Suggestion Guide

Posted on 01 June 2018

Sakura Kinomoto

Jaguar in Warm Light Brown

Jaguar in Sandy Brown

Both colours are great options depending on the preferred reference image! The pre-teased top allows ease of styling a fluffy top and ahoge. Curl the layers in the back downwards for a smoother bob, and trim down the thickness at the sides for an accurate look. The Inigo is also a popular option for a longer bob, though this style will need more trimming.

Syaoran Li

Derek in Light Brown

Caine in Light Brown

The Derek will have a button top, while the Caine has a teased top. The Caine is a little longer so will likely need some trimming.

Tomoyo Daidouji

Nina in Blue Grey (Coming Soon!)

Nina in Charcoal Blue (Coming Soon!)

The Nina is pretty much perfect out of the bag! We also have Silky Ninas in Steele Blue, which is the sister colour to Charcoal Blue.

Akiho Shinomoto

Ferrari in Dark Ash Blonde

Chibi in Dark Ash Blonde

The Ferrari would be a bit easier to style since it already has some curl to it. Just a little trimming in the length and bangs! If loose enough in the back wefts shouldn't show, though if you'd like a skin part down the back you might prefer the Chibi.

Yuna D. Kaito

Derek in Black

Derek in Deep Brown

Minimal trimming might be needed to match the style.

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