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Devil May Cry 5 Wig Suggestion Guide

Posted on 12 April 2019


Our Caine will be a close style out of the bag, while the Jaguar will have a bit more length to work with overall if you have a larger head size (though this style will need some trimming). The tops of these styles are pre-teased, so it’s easy to part the hair down the center with less risk of wefts being visible. Light Grey is closer to Dante’s DMC5 appearance, but Silver is also popular based on previous games.


Nero’s newer short haircut makes the Rocky a great choice. Use heat from a hair dryer to fluff it up like in our tutorial! Since the Rocky is very short in the back, folks with a larger head size or a ton of hair might also consider trimming the Jett or Rufio as possible alternatives. Light Grey is closer to Nero’s DMC5 appearance, but Silver is also popular based on his hairstyle from DMC4.


Both the Jaguar and Magnum Long have a long shaggy cut that would just need a little trimming to match V’s look. The Jaguar also has a pre-teased top; this feature makes it easier to part on the side, though with the Magnum Long you could still gently sweep the bangs. Other styles alternatives such as our Skyelar could work with some extra trimming if you want a slight wave.


Our Matilda in Deep Brown or Cool Dark Brown are great for their volume and curls. Add a headband and go to town with a teasing comb or brush!


Our Magnum’s flippy layers and length is great for Lady! We have a tutorial for trimming bangs here, though you probably won’t need to do any heat styling.


The Marty is perfect for Vergil out of the bag. You can pluck the hairline to alter the shape! Light Grey is closer to Vergil’s DMC5 appearance, but Silver is also popular based on previous games. 


Grace in Champagne or Ash Blonde

Dany in Champagne or Ash Blonde

Both the Dany and Grace styles have a center part in front! You may need to trim a little length for her front sections. Relax the curls with a steamer, hot water, or a flat iron on a low heat setting.

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