Dream Daddy Wig Suggestion Guide

Posted on 11 August 2017



Marty in Cool Brown

Use colour samples in grey for streaks, or hand-colour with a silver metallic sharpie.


Marty in Champagne

The widow's peak can be toned down with trimming or plucking. The style might need a little trimming around the front.


Marty in Black spliced with a Rocky in Grey

Kyle with Black top/Grey Bottom

The Marty with the Rocky is an option if you'd prefer a lace front. See our splicing tutorial here!

If you want a cheaper alternative, the top of the Kyle can be heat-trained back with a hair dryer, and trimmed.


Tauriel in Black

The Tauriel will have a widow's peak, but if you'd rather have a shorter style you could straighten a Matilda with a flat iron.
The Buttercup is a good non-lace option, and it has a skin top that lets you part the hair on either side or down the center.


Tauriel in Deep Brown

The Tauriel will be long enough to make dreadlocks. See Black Owl Studio's dreadlock tutorial here! https://www.blackowlstudio.com/en/tutorial-dreadlocks-wig/


Virginia in Spanish Brown with matching Hairbun

Tie the Virginia back in a half ponytail, and secure a man bun accessory. You might curl the style a bit for more texture, and the widow's peak can be toned down a tad with plucking or trimming.


Jett in Pumpkin

Fluff the style with a hair dryer. If you need a matching beard, make your own with a lace square and pack of wefts, following this tutorial! 

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