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Final Fantasy XV Wig Suggestion Guide

Posted on 20 March 2017

Posted on 17 March 2017


Jaguar in Ash Black

Jaguar in Blue Grey

Caine in Ash Black

Caine in Blue Grey

Noctis' hair colour varies between references. The Jaguar will have some more length to work with at the sides, though the Caine is a popular alternative that wouldn't need much trimming.

A Magnum Long is also a good alternative with trimming.  



Marty in Light Brown

Marty in Dark Ash Blonde

Iggy's hair colour varies between references. If you want a lighter shade like in-game, you could start with Dark Ash Blonde and add in some darker tones with alcohol-based markers such as sharpies or copics. 



Suzi in Deep Brown

Marty in Deep Brown

With a Suzi there'd need to be some trimming in the sides and back length, while the Marty would need short wefts added in the back for his mullet. when trimming the sides, we don't recommend going shorter than an inch or two unless you plan to add additional wefts for thickness. You can train the sides down with your hair dryer and a little hairspray.

You could alternatively splice your base wig with our Rocky for the shorter sides using our splicing tutorial: https://youtu.be/kG1s7Ejp4dk



Jaguar in Champagne

Jaguar in Pale Blonde

Caine in Champagne

Caine in Pale Blonde

The Jaguar will provide more length for the side of his asymmetrical cut, and the pre-teased fibres will make it easier to part on the side and style up. The Caine also has pre-teased fibres and wouldn't need as much trimming, though is shorter at the sides. If you want a little extra hair for his longer side piece, you can add one or two clip-in extensions. Use a hair dryer, teasing comb, and a little hairspray for styling.

Fairy Blonde and Ash Blonde are also a popular colour alternatives.



Jane in Dark Ash Blonde



Luthien in Ash Blonde
 w/ 2 Braid Clips

Jeannie in Ash Blonde
w/ 2 Braid Clips



Bucky in Wine

Bucky in Mahogany

Ardyn's hair is closer to wine in the game, but you might use Mahogany if you prefer the more brown look from Kingsglaive. This style will need some layers trimmed into it for accuracy.

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