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Kingdom Hearts: Destiny Island Trio Wig Suggestion Guide

Posted on 25 January 2019


Sora’s hair color changes between games, with the lightest being Sandy Brown in some Kingdom Hearts 2 scenes and Spanish Brown for a few references in Kingdom Hearts 1. Light Brown will be a “cooler” brown, while Chocolate is a “warmer” brown. The Jareth style has lots of volume and layers that make it easily spike-able on top. See our tutorial here!

We combined two Jareths for extra volume and a blend of colors, which you can learn to do here:

This allows enough volume without additional teasing. If using a single Jareth, you can use the tricks from this fluffy spikes tutorial as an alternative for volume:



Riku’s hair changes a LOT between the different games and reference images. Light Grey tends to be the most popular, but you might like Periwinkle for a slight blue shade, or Pale Lilac for a slight violet shade. The Jareth is ideal for his longer hairstyles, while the Jaguar or Caine are good options for his shorter hairstyles.


Maroon and Crimson are very similar. Maroon will be more muted, while Crimson (Coming Soon!) has more red. You may also like Wine or Mahogany based on the reference image. The Inigo may need some trimming for KH3 Kairi, while the Lulu is a good style choice for KH1 Kairi.

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