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Mob Psycho 100 Wig Suggestion Guide

Posted on 08 February 2019

Shigeo "Mob" Kageyama

Our Lee style is already a bowl cut, while the Kyle has an undercut but would need to be trimmed for a more obvious bowl cut.

Arataka Reigen

Both style options are great depending on how much length you prefer. Fluff up the Rocky’s layers a tad, or smooth down the Jett’s with heat from a hairdryer. Light Blonde will be a tad lighter as a color, while Ginger Blonde and Yellow Blonde in the Jett style are both close matches.

Teruki Hanazawa

Fairy Blonde will have a more golden color while Champagne is a more natural tone.
For his haystack look, stack a second one on top with some filler such as foam or a small pillow! Or you can spiral wefts around a pillow/foam form and top it with a ¾ bang (available in Fairy Blonde). Attach with a few stitches tacked in different spots, a strong hold glue, accessory combs, or strong magnets.

Ritsu Kageyama

The Jett is a good spiky out-of-the-bag option if you give it a good shake or blow dry. The Caine would be a more accurate length in front but may need some fluffing and spiking with a little hairspray.

Sho Suzuki

Pluck the hairline for a more subtle shape! As a non-lace option, you could use a Caine and train the top back with heat from a hair dryer.

BONUS: ???

Give either of these styles a good shake to fluff them up! The Hansel has a slight curl to it but might need some teasing on top. The Caine is pre-teased on top for easy spiking. Our Vegas would also work great if you want a tad more length; it just needs the back tail to be trimmed.

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