The Dragon Prince Wig Suggestion Guide

Posted on 06 September 2018

Prince Ezran

Shake the wig when taken out of the bag, and comb sections together for a more stylized look.

Prince Callum

Color may vary depending on the reference image. The Caine is a good option too though is a tad longer.


Something like a Magnum Long in Silver would be a good out-of-the-bag option, though the bangs will not be long enough for the braided strand in front. You may add wefts or clip-in extensions to the front, or trim a longer style such as a Buttercup. The Buttercup's part can be moved to the center with heat from a hair dryer. Our Bucky would be a good lacefront option if you straighten the curls!


Kyle in Dark Ash Blonde

Kyle in Desert Brown

The Kyle style has an undercut with shorter fibers. Use heat from a hair dryer to train the top how you'd like! You can set the style with a little Got2b Hairspray.


The Buttercup can be parted down the center with heat from a hair dryer. Our Grace is also a good alternative if you straighten the curls. Add purple wefts to the bottom and feather/trim the top color to create an ombre effect.

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