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Wig Suggestion Guide – Overwatch

Posted on 23 June 2016

Will need a little trimming, but is spiky-friendly with some teasing and a little hairspray. See our Spiking tutorial here!
Colour depends on reference used.

The Nina will need to be straightened.

Style can be fluffed a tad with heat from a hair dryer.


See our beard tutorial here!


A morpheus will have a more natural hairline and is ponytail-friendly. The Jeannie’s clip-on tail is not required, and some of the bangs can be heat-trained back with the rest of the ponytail.


Style spikes with a little hairspray and a hair dryer. If you want more length, a Virginia is a good alternative with some extra trimming and styling.


Clip-on ponytail isn’t required for this style. Bangs can be heat-trained back with a hair dryer, and then the ponytail can be spiked. A Morphus could be a good alternative as well, though with the mask the hairline isn’t visible.


Ponytail clip is optional. Backcomb for fluffier bangs and tail, trim length, and style with a little hairspray and a hair dryer.
Colour depends on reference used.


Sharpie dye the roots for a more natural look, and use the hot water braiding technique for Morpheus and wefts to create a texture before styling. Jumbo braids are easier to create dreadlocks with, though we also have a dreadlock tutorial here for our heat-resistant fibers.


Ponytail clip isn’t required. The Jeannie’s base ponytail should be long enough to twist into a small bun. A hairbun accessory can be used as an alternative.



Straighten these styles with a flat iron. A Buttercup is also suitable, though will be a little shorter. The part can be altered to the centre with a hair dryer.


See our Beard tutorial here!
Some extra teasing and texturing might be needed for more volume.


Can be styled with a hair dryer and a little hairspray.

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