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  • Flexbond


$26.00 CAD + shipping

A versatile adhesive and primer for foam, plastics, scenery, props and cosplay pieces.  Uniquely suited for thermoplastics. Coat your foam and thermoplastic pieces in FlexBond to protect it from damage, or prepare for painting. Flexbond is water-soluble and non-toxic, which means there is no need for heavy ventilation equipment.  

FlexBond dries to a clear, hard, yet pliable coating that does not suffer from the tackiness common in many other flexible types of glue even after those glues have had days to dry. Unlike ordinary "white" glues that can crack and break when flexed, the adhesive bond of FlexBond remains extremely pliable and strong even as the materials bend and deform. This makes it ideal for coating thermoplastics such as Worbla, as well as EVA foam. 

Flexbond can smooth Worbla's Finest Art to a smooth, paintable matte finish in as little as 3 coats, and Black Art in 2, though your mileage (and personal preference) may vary.  For best results, apply multiple layers and allow them to dry evenly between each layer.

Use FlexBond to adhere fabrics to fabrics, fabrics to wood, foam to wood or fabric, and many other combinations of materials.  

Mixing: Stir before using. Do not shake as bubbles may develop.

Dilution: Use FlexBond undiluted on most non-porous and porous surfaces. FlexBond may be diluted with water if desired. Thinner mixtures will flow and level more than an undiluted application and will dry to a thinner coating.

Dry Time: Varies with application. Sets in 30-45 minutes. Full cure within 7 days.

Clean-Up: Soap and water.

Winter Warning: This product can freeze in transit if travelling in low temperatures. During winter months, the purchaser assumes the risk for products damaged by low temperatures during transit. Damage done by freezing is irreversible.