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  • Thibra
  • Thibra


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Thibra is a thermoplastic with no mesh backing or particulate. Its extremely smooth surface texture is great for fine details in armour making, and makes the need for sanding and priming once cooled almost non-existent! It is easy to carve, sculpt and model, and retains its shape once cooled. Thibra sticks to itself when heated, allowing for scraps to be reused.

Thibra has a lower working temperature than other thermoplastics, activating at 160F (70-80C). As with any thermoplastic, we advise keeping it out of direct sunlight or hot vehicles. While working with Thibra, work in a well ventilated area while wearing a respirator, as the fumes produced are toxic to inhale.

Grab the PDF instructions here!

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