• (SI-002) Garnet Front
  • (SI-002) Garnet Side
  • (SI-002) Garnet Back
  • (SI-003) Vermilion Front
  • (SI-003) Vermilion Side
  • (SI-003) Vermilion Back
  • (SI-004) Scarlet Front
  • (SI-004) Scarlet Back
  • (SI-004) Scarlet Side
  • (SI-005) Fire Red Front
  • (SI-005) Fire Red Side
  • (SI-005) Fire Red Back
  • (SI-005A) Candy Red Front
  • (SI-005A) Candy Red Side
  • (SI-005A) Candy Red Back
  • (SI-006) Dragonfruit Front
  • (SI-006) Dragonfruit Side
  • (SI-006) Dragonfruit Back
  • (SI-014) Tulip Pink Front
  • (SI-014) Tulip Pink Side
  • (SI-014) Tulip Pink Back
  • (SI-028) Ice Blue Front
  • (SI-028) Ice Blue Side
  • (SI-028) Ice Blue Back
  • (SI-030) Sky Blue Front
  • (SI-030) Sky Blue Side
  • (SI-030) Sky Blue Back
  • (SI-039) Marianas Front
  • (SI-039) Marianas Side
  • (SI-039) Marianas Back
  • (SI-040) Seaweed Front
  • (SI-040) Seaweed Back
  • (SI-040) Seaweed Side
  • (SI-041) Peacock Front
  • (SI-041) Peacock Side
  • (SI-041) Peacock Back
  • (SI-044) Sea Green Front
  • (SI-044) Sea Green Side
  • (SI-044) Sea Green Back
  • (SI-046) Army Green Front
  • (SI-046) Army Green Side
  • (SI-046) Army Green Back
  • (SI-046A) Avocado Front
  • (SI-046A) Avocado
  • (SI-046A) Avocado Back
  • (SI-046B) Fern Green Front
  • (SI-046B) Fern Green Side
  • (SI-046B) Fern Green Back
  • (SI-052) Nutmeg Front
  • (SI-052) Nutmeg Side
  • (SI-052) Nutmeg Back
  • (SI-052A) Eros Blonde Front
  • (SI-052A) Eros Blonde Side
  • (SI-052A) Eros Blonde Back
  • (SI-053) Sandstone Front
  • (SI-053) Sandstone Back
  • (SI-053) Sandstone Side
  • (SI-053A) Ice Blonde Front
  • (SI-053A) Ice Blonde Side
  • (SI-053A) Ice Blonde Back
  • (SI-055) Sunbeam Front
  • (SI-055) Sunbeam Side
  • (SI-055) Sunbeam Back
  • (SI-055A) Chardonnay Front
  • (SI-055A) Chardonnay Side
  • (SI-055A) Chardonnay Back
  • (SI-056) Honey Front
  • (SI-056) Honey Side
  • (SI-056) Honey Back
  • (SI-057) Custard Front
  • (SI-057) Custard Side
  • (SI-057) Custard Back
  • (SI-059) Butterscotch Front
  • (SI-059) Butterscotch Side
  • (SI-059) Butterscotch Back
  • (SI-060) Golden Blonde Front
  • (SI-060) Golden Blonde Side
  • (SI-060) Golden Blonde Back
  • (SI-066) Sunset Front
  • (SI-066) Sunset Side
  • (SI-066) Sunset Back
  • (SI-065) Tangerine Front
  • (SI-065) Tangerine Back
  • (SI-065) Tangerine Side
  • (SI-068) Auburn Front
  • (SI-068) Auburn Side
  • (SI-068) Auburn Back
  • (SI-069) Cinnamon Front
  • (SI-069) Cinnamon Side
  • (SI-069) Cinnamon Back
  • (SI-070) Almond Front
  • (SI-070) Almond Back
  • (SI-070) Almond Side
  • (SI-071) Cappuccino Front
  • (SI-071) Cappuccino Side
  • (SI-071) Cappuccino Back
  • (SI-072) Sepia Front
  • (SI-072) Sepia Side
  • (SI-072) Sepia Back
  • (SI-073) Taupe Front
  • (SI-073) Taupe Side
  • (SI-073) Taupe Back
  • (SI-073) Taupe Front
  • (SI-073) Taupe Back
  • (SI-073) Taupe Side
  • (SI-074A) Asparagus Front
  • (SI-074A) Asparagus Side
  • (SI-074A) Asparagus Back
  • (SI-074) Coffee Front
  • (SI-074) Coffee Side
  • (SI-074) Coffee Back
  • (SI-075) Umber Front
  • (SI-075) Umber Side
  • (SI-075) Umber Back
  • (SI-076) Mocha Front
  • (SI-076) Mocha Side
  • (SI-076) Mocha Back
  • (SI-077) Espresso Front
  • (SI-077) Espresso Side
  • (SI-077) Espresso Back
  • (SI-077A) Turkish Coffee Front
  • (SI-077A) Turkish Coffee Side
  • (SI-077A) Turkish Coffee Back
  • (SI-078) Onyx Front
  • (SI-078) Onyx Side
  • (SI-078) Onyx Back
  • (SI-079) Black Pepper Front
  • (SI-079) Black Pepper Back
  • (SI-079) Black Pepper Side
  • (SI-080) Pewter Front
  • (SI-080) Pewter Side
  • (SI-080) Pewter Back
  • (SI-081) Steel Grey Front
  • (SI-081) Steel Grey Side
  • (SI-081) Steel Grey Back
  • (SI-082) Sterling Front
  • (SI-082) Sterling Side
  • (SI-082) Sterling Back
  • (SI-083) Snow White Front
  • (SI-083) Snow White Side
  • (SI-083) Snow White Back

Hansel SILKY

$38.00 CAD + shipping

Our most popular style! Hansel is a short, cute, layered wig with a small skin top at the crown. The bangs are approximately 4" (10 cm) from root to tip and the overall length of this wig is 4 to 6" (10-15 cm). A great style for all your ultra-flippy needs!

Bear in mind short Silky will not be as soft to the touch as long Silky, due to the layering of fibers for the short cut. Rest assured you will still get the signature Silky shake-and-go benefits!

  • 23" cap
  • 1" round skin top
  • Flips and layers galore
  • Please note: We do our best to display wigs as accurately as possible, but display heads are slightly smaller than lifesize. Subsequently, the wig may be shorter on a human being.
(SI-002) Garnet
(SI-003) Vermilion
(SI-004) Scarlet
(SI-005A) Candy Red
(SI-005) Fire Red
(SI-011) Taffy
(SI-012) Carnation
(SI-013A) Cotton Candy
(SI-014) Tulip Pink
(SI-028) Ice Blue
(SI-030) Sky Blue
(SI-039) Marianas
(SI-041) Peacock
(SI-040) Seaweed
(SI-042) Pistachio
(SI-046A) Avocado
(SI-044) Sea Green
(SI-046B) Fern Green
(SI-046) Army Green
(SI-053A) Ice Blonde (Out of Stock)
(SI-053) Sandstone
(SI-055A) Chardonnay
(SI-055) Sunbeam
(SI-056) Honey
(SI-057) Custard
(SI-059) Butterscotch
(SI-060) Golden Blonde
(SI-066) Sunset
(SI-069) Cinnamon
(SI-065) Tangerine
(SI-068) Auburn
(SI-070) Almond
(SI-071) Cappuccino
(SI-072) Sepia
(SI-073A) Neutral Brown
(SI-074A) Asparagus
(SI-074) Coffee (Out of Stock)
(SI-075) Umber
(SI-076) Mocha
(SI-077A) Turkish Coffee
(SI-077) Espresso
(SI-078) Onyx (Out of Stock)
(SI-080) Pewter
(SI-081) Steel Grey
(SI-082) Sterling
(SI-083) Snow White