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What can you expect when you buy from Arda Wigs Canada?


At Arda Wigs Canada, we understand that your dollar is important. That’s why we take pride in our customer service and our product quality. If ever you feel as though the product you received is not what you expected, you are encouraged to contact us so we can make it right.  Arda Wigs Canada is the Canadian branch of Chicago-based Arda Wigs, established in 2009. Arda Wigs Canada is proudly serving Canada since 2015, based in Kitchener, Ontario. We are dedicated to bringing Canadian cosplayers and wig enthusiasts wig styles wearable on any head type, as well as being realistic and easy to style. All wigs are made a full 23-inch circumference cap size (unless stated otherwise) to accommodate large heads and/or thick hair. Flash photos will not produce a blinding, unrealistic shine. We are also known for our customer service, fast shipping, great prices and mobility – we are starting to travel all over the Canada to bring our wonderful wigs to a convention near you. We wouldn’t be anywhere without the hard work and dedication of our wonderful and creative staff of both the Chicago and Kitchener offices.


Ethical treatment of our customers is not the end of our pledge. Arda Wigs Canada strives to treat its employees fairly in all we do. Although Arda Wigs Canada is small, we are mighty, and our employees are a valued and important part of our process, from warehouse workers to managers, and we do our utmost to make sure all of our employees have a safe and positive work environment. We look at our employees as family, and we could not run this business without them. If Arda does well, our employees see the benefit of that growth and positive change. That extends to our factory as well – Arda Wigs has an active and positive relationship with our factory, which extends to conditions visits for workers and a dialogue that reinforces fair treatment.


Lastly, Arda Wigs is a Pink business, and we strive to be a welcoming and safe space for anyone, not regardless of their race, disability, or gender identity, but including it. We are proud to be working alongside Arda USA, a LGBT-owned business, and to employ people across every demographic. We are active in our community, and we support you!


We appreciate our customers and every dollar you spend with us, and we hope you feel confident knowing we value you, as well as the people who work so hard to bring our product to you. That’s what goes into our product, and that’s what goes out to you when you purchase from us. Thank you for supporting us!


– Sincerely, the Arda Canada Team


For any questions or concerns, email us at customers@ardawigscanada.ca


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