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August 2020 Restock (*ESTIMATED*)

Use CTRL+F on Windows or CMD+F on Mac to search this page by wig name or colour. SILKY is near the bottom.

WARNING: ALL RESTOCKS ARE SUBJECT TO SHIPPING TIMES. This is why we cannot give an exact restock date! More info on our FAQ Page.


Classic Restock

Ami CLASSIC - (CL-053) Ash Blonde
Ami CLASSIC - (CL-077) Deep Brown

Ayumi CLASSIC - (CL-083) Pure White

Buttercup CLASSIC - (CL-055A) Champagne

Curly Clip CLASSIC - (CL-017A) Light Strawberry Blonde

Clip-in Extensions CL-051 to CL-083 - (CL-065) Fire Orange
Clip-in Extensions CL-051 to CL-083 - (CL-083) Pure White

Delilah CLASSIC - (CL-055A) Champagne
Delilah CLASSIC - (CL-057) Pale Blonde

Eowyn CLASSIC - (CL-070) Chocolate

Ferrari CLASSIC - (CL-007) Hot Pink

Greta CLASSIC - (CL-082) Silver

Hansel CLASSIC - (CL-040) Mirkwood Green
Hansel CLASSIC - (CL-070) Chocolate
Hansel CLASSIC - (CL-072) Light Brown

Imladris CLASSIC - (CL-078) Black

Inigo CLASSIC - (CL-069) Warm Light Brown

Jaguar CLASSIC - (CL-022) Dark Purple

Jane CLASSIC - (CL-025) Lilac

Jareth CLASSIC - (CL-035) Cobalt Blue

Jeannie Large CLASSIC - (CL-076) Dark Brown

Jett CLASSIC - (CL-001A) Blood Red NEW
Jett CLASSIC - (CL-073A) Cool Brown

Katinka CLASSIC - (CL-082) Silver

Ken CLASSIC - (CL-076) Dark Brown

Long Clip CLASSIC - (CL-011) Bubblegum

Long Curly Clip CLASSIC - (CL-053) Ash Blonde

Lindsay CLASSIC - (CL-068) Dark Copper Red

Lulu CLASSIC - (CL-007) Hot Pink

Luthien CLASSIC - (CL-005) Cherry Red
Luthien CLASSIC - (CL-054A) Frost Blonde

Long Wefts CL-001 to CL-050 - (CL-035) Cobalt Blue
Long Wefts CL-051 to CL-083 - (CL-063) Papaya NEW

Morpheus CLASSIC - (CL-082) Silver
Morpheus CLASSIC - (CL-083) Pure White

Marty CLASSIC - (CL-082) Silver

Nina CLASSIC - (CL-030) Aqua
Nina CLASSIC - (CL-072) Light Brown
Nina CLASSIC - (CL-083) Pure White

Odango Bun CLASSIC - (CL-038) Dark Blue

Priscilla CLASSIC - (CL-077) Deep Brown

Rocky CLASSIC - (CL-053) Ash Blonde

Short Bangs CLASSIC - (CL-083) Pure White

Short Wefts CL-001 to CL-050 - (CL-032) Electric Blue
Short Wefts CL-051 to CL-083 - (CL-054) Titanium Blonde
Short Wefts CL-051 to CL-083 - (CL-054A) Frost Blonde

Venus CLASSIC - (CL-003) Crimson

Westley CLASSIC - (CL-038) Dark Blue

XL Clip-in Extensions CL-001 to CL-050 - (CL-036) Indigo Blue

Yuri - (CL-054B) Lunar Blonde

Silky Restock

Buttercup SILKY - (SI-066) Sunset

Long Wefts SILKY SI-001 to SI-050 = (SI-028) Ice Blue

Nina SILKY - (SI-013) Petal Pink

Short Wefts SILKY SI-051 to SI-083 - (SI-076) Mocha
Short Wefts SILKY SI-051 to SI-083 - (SI-077) Espresso

Venus SILKY - (SI-022) Blackberry
Venus SILKY - (SI-049) Lime