Classic Colour Chart

Classic Colour Chart

We have overhauled our colour chart to make it faster and easier than ever before to find the perfect colour you're looking for! Below you will find the new CLASSIC colour code replacing our former colors, and our old colour codes if you should need them for the time being.

Colours are grouped by hues now, so all reds, blues, purples, and every other colour are sequentially next to each other.

If you know the name of the CLASSIC fiber you want to find or the new colour code, you can search this page for it easily by using CTRL+F on a PC or CMD+F on a Mac.

Please download our Classic Colour Code Update Sheet to update your Classic Colour Rings.

CLASSIC Fiber Colour


Wine CL-001

Wine AR027 weft sample

Wine AR027 is now Wine CL-001.
Shop Our Products in Wine

Sangria SI-001

SI-001 swatch

Maroon CL-002

Maroon OW-018 weft sample

Maroon OW-018 is now Maroon CL-002.
Shop Our Products in Maroon

Garnet SI-002

SI-002 swatch

Crimson CL-003

Crimson AR030 weft sample

Crimson AR030 is now Crimson CL-003.
Shop Our Products in Crimson

Vermillion SI-003

SI-003 swatch

Apple Red CL-004

Apple Red AR012 weft sample

Apple Red AR012 is now Apple Red CL-004.
Shop Our Products in Apple Red

Scarlet SI-004

SI-004 swatch

Cherry Red CL-005

Cherry Red OW-076 weft sample

Cherry Red OW-076 is now Cherry Red CL-005.
Shop Our Products in Cherry Red

Fire Red SI-005

SI-005 swatch

Raspberry CL-006

Raspberry AR013 weft sample

Raspberry AR013 is now Raspberry CL-006.
Shop Our Products in Raspberry

Dragonfruit SI-006

SI-006 swatch

Hot Pink CL-007

Hot Pink AR014 weft sample

Hot Pink AR014 is now Hot Pink CL-007.
Shop Our Products in Hot Pink

Flamingo SI-007

SI-007 swatch

Magenta CL-008

Magenta AR026 weft sample

Magenta AR026 is now Magenta CL-008.
Shop Our Products in Magenta

Fuschia SI-008

SI-008 swatch

Rose Pink CL-009

Rose Pink OW-033 weft sample

Rose Pink OW-033 is now Rose Pink CL-009.
Shop Our Products in Rose Pink

Sakura SI-009

SI-009 swatch

Princess Pink CL-010

Princess Pink AR002 weft sample

Princess Pink AR002 is now Princess Pink CL-010.
Shop Our Products in Princess Pink

Pink Lemonade SI-010

SI-010 swatch

Bubblegum CL-011

Bubblegum OW-094 weft sample

Bubblegum OW-094 is now Bubblegum CL-011.
Shop Our Products in Bubblegum

Taffy SI-011

SI-011 swatch

Light Pink CL-012

Light Pink OW-043 weft sample

Light Pink OW-043 is now Light Pink CL-012.
Shop Our Products in Light Pink

Carnation SI-012

SI-012 swatch

Serah Pink CL-013

Serah Pink AR034 weft sample

Serah Pink AR034 is now Serah Pink CL-013.
Shop Our Products in Serah Pink

Petal Pink SI-013

SI-013 swatch

Baby Pink CL-014

Baby Pink OW-163 weft sample

Baby Pink OW-163 is now Baby Pink CL-014.
Shop Our Products in Baby Pink

Tulip Pink SI-014

SI-014 swatch

Rose Brown CL-015

Rose Brown AR038 weft sample

Rose Brown AR038 is now Rose Brown CL-015.
Shop Our Products in Rose Brown

Roseberry SI-015

SI-015 swatch

Lightning Pink CL-016

Lightning Pink AR035 weft sample

Lightning Pink AR035 is now Lightning Pink CL-016.
Shop Our Products in Lightning Pink

Aurora Pink SI-016

SI-016 swatch

Dusty Rose CL-017

Dusty Rose OW-135A weft sample

Dusty Rose OW-135A is now Dusty Rose CL-017.
Shop Our Products in Dusty Rose

Antique Rose SI-017

SI-017 swatch

Lavender CL-018

Lavender OW-005 weft sample

Lavender OW-005 is now Lavender CL-018.
Shop Our Products in Lavender

Thistle SI-018

SI-018 swatch

Dark Lavender CL-019

Dark Lavender OW-002A weft sample

Dark Lavender OW-002A is now Dark Lavender CL-019.
Shop Our Products in Dark Lavender

Amethyst SI-019

SI-019 swatch

Ultraviolet CL-020

Ultraviolet AR020 weft sample

Ultraviolet AR020 is now Ultraviolet CL-020.
Shop Our Products in Ultraviolet

Royal Purple SI-020

SI-020 swatch

Plum CL-021

Plum AR029 weft sample

Plum AR029 is now Plum CL-021.
Shop Our Products in Plum

Eggplant SI-021

SI-021 swatch

Dark Purple CL-022

Dark Purple OW-023 weft sample

Dark Purple OW-023 is now Dark Purple CL-022.
Shop Our Products in Dark Purple

Blackberry SI-022

SI-022 swatch

Grape CL-023

Grape AR003 weft sample

Grape AR003 is now Grape CL-023.
Shop Our Products in Grape

Violet SI-023

SI-023 swatch

Electric Purple CL-024

Electric Purple AR004 weft sample

Electric Purple AR004 is now Electric Purple CL-024.
Shop Our Products in Electric Purple

Neon Purple SI-024

SI-024 swatch

Lilac CL-025

Lilac AR001 weft sample

Lilac AR001 is now Lilac CL-025.
Shop Our Products in Lilac

Iris SI-025

SI-025 swatch

Ice Violet CL-026

Ice Violet OW-048 weft sample

Ice Violet OW-048 is now Ice Violet CL-026.
Shop Our Products in Ice Violet

Wisteria SI-026

SI-026 swatch

Slate Blue CL-027

Slate Blue OW-010 weft sample

Slate Blue OW-010 is now Slate Blue CL-027.
Shop Our Products in Slate Blue

Cornflower SI-027

SI-027 swatch

Periwinkle CL-028

Periwinkle OW-072B weft sample

Periwinkle OW-072B is now Periwinkle CL-028.
Shop Our Products in Periwinkle

Ice Blue SI-028

SI-028 swatch

Powder Blue CL-029

Powder Blue OW-065 weft sample

Powder Blue OW-065 is now Powder Blue CL-029.
Shop Our Products in Powder Blue

Baby Blue SI-029

SI-029 swatch

Aqua CL-030

Aqua OW-072A weft sample

Aqua OW-072A is now Aqua CL-030.
Shop Our Products in Aqua

Sky Blue SI-030

SI-030 swatch

Dusty Blue CL-031

Dusty Blue AR031 weft sample

Dusty Blue AR031 is now Dusty Blue CL-031.
Shop Our Products in Dusty Blue

Cerulean SI-031

SI-031 swatch

Electric Blue CL-032

Electric Blue AR006 weft sample

Electric Blue AR006 is now Electric Blue CL-032.
Shop Our Products in Electric Blue

Neon Blue SI-032

SI-032 swatch

Royal Blue CL-033

Royal Blue OW-008 weft sample

Royal Blue OW-008 is now Royal Blue CL-033.
Shop Our Products in Royal Blue

Lapis SI-033

SI-033 swatch

Denim Blue CL-034

Denim Blue AR036 weft sample

Denim Blue AR036 is now Denim Blue CL-034.
Shop Our Products in Denim Blue

Blueberry SI-034

SI-034 swatch

Cobalt Blue CL-035

Cobalt Blue AR024 weft sample

Cobalt Blue AR024 is now Cobalt Blue CL-035.
Shop Our Products in Cobalt Blue

Sapphire SI-035

SI-035 swatch

Indigo Blue CL-036

Indigo Blue AR025 weft sample

Indigo Blue AR025 is now Indigo Blue CL-036.
Shop Our Products in Indigo Blue

Prussian Blue SI-036

SI-036 swatch

Charcoal Blue CL-037

Charcoal Blue AR019 weft sample

Charcoal Blue AR019 is now Charcoal Blue CL-037.
Shop Our Products in Charcoal Blue

Steel Blue SI-037

SI-037 swatch

Dark Blue CL-038

Dark Blue OW-092A weft sample

Dark Blue OW-092A is now Dark Blue CL-038.
Shop Our Products in Dark Blue

Navy SI-038

SI-038 swatch

Raven CL-039

Raven OW-052 weft sample

Raven OW-052 is now Raven CL-039.
Shop Our Products in Raven

Marianas SI-039

SI-039 swatch

Mirkwood Green CL-040

Mirkwood Green AR016 weft sample

Mirkwood Green AR016 is now Mirkwood Green CL-040.
Shop Our Products in Mirkwood Green

Seaweed SI-040

SI-040 swatch

Midnight Blue CL-041

Midnight Blue OW-073B weft sample

Midnight Blue OW-073B is now Midnight Blue CL-041.
Shop Our Products in Midnight Blue

Peacock SI-041

SI-041 swatch

Mint CL-042

Mint AR008 weft sample

Mint AR008 is now Mint CL-042.
Shop Our Products in Mint

Pistachio SI-042

SI-042 swatch

Teal CL-043

Teal OW-011 weft sample

Teal OW-011 is now Teal CL-043.
Shop Our Products in Teal

Turquoise SI-043

SI-043 swatch

Ocean Green CL-044

Ocean Green AR005 weft sample

Ocean Green AR005 is now Ocean Green CL-044.
Shop Our Products in Ocean Green

Sea Green SI-044

SI-044 swatch

Mako Green CL-045

Mako Green OW-024 weft sample

Mako Green OW-024 is now Mako Green CL-045.
Shop Our Products in Mako Green

Persian Green SI-045

SI-045 swatch

Olive CL-046

Olive AR007 weft sample

Olive AR007 is now Olive CL-046.
Shop Our Products in Olive

Army Green SI-046

SI-046 swatch

Dark Green CL-047

Dark Green OW-071A weft sample

Dark Green OW-071A is now Dark Green CL-047.
Shop Our Products in Dark Green

Forest Green SI-047

SI-047 swatch

Emerald Green CL-048

Emerald Green OW-084A weft sample

Emerald Green OW-084A is now Emerald Green CL-048.
Shop Our Products in Emerald Green

Kelly Green SI-048

SI-048 swatch

Light Green CL-049

Light Green OW-004 weft sample

Light Green OW-004 is now Light Green CL-049.
Shop Our Products in Light Green

Lime SI-049

SI-049 swatch

Jade CL-050

Jade OW-007A weft sample

Jade OW-007A is now Jade CL-050.
Shop Our Products in Jade

Moss SI-050

SI-050 swatch

Laurel Green CL-051

Laurel Green AR032 weft sample

Laurel Green AR032 is now Laurel Green CL-051.
Shop Our Products in Laurel Green

Seafoam SI-051

SI-051 swatch

Dark Ash Blonde CL-052

Dark Ash Blonde OW-029 weft sample

Dark Ash Blonde OW-029 is now Dark Ash Blonde CL-052.
Shop Our Products in Dark Ash Blonde

Nutmeg SI-052

SI-052 swatch

Ash Blonde CL-053

Ash Blonde OW-062 weft sample

Ash Blonde OW-062 is now Ash Blonde CL-053.
Shop Our Products in Ash Blonde

Sandstone SI-053

SI-053 swatch

Titanium Blonde CL-054

Titanium Blonde AR017 weft sample

Titanium Blonde AR017 is now Titanium Blonde CL-054.
Shop Our Products in Titanium Blonde

Bleach Blonde SI-054

SI-054 swatch

Lemon Drop CL-055

Lemon Drop OW-095 weft sample

Lemon Drop OW-095 is now Lemon Drop CL-055.
Shop Our Products in Lemon Drop

Sunbeam SI-055

SI-055 swatch

Fairy Blonde CL-056

Fairy Blonde OW-081 weft sample

Fairy Blonde OW-081 is now Fairy Blonde CL-056.
Shop Our Products in Fairy Blonde

Honey SI-056

SI-056 swatch

Pale Blonde CL-057

Pale Blonde OW-115 weft sample

Pale Blonde OW-115 is now Pale Blonde CL-057.
Shop Our Products in Pale Blonde

Custard SI-057

SI-057 swatch

Yellow Blonde CL-058

Yellow Blonde OW-079 weft sample

Yellow Blonde OW-079 is now Yellow Blonde CL-058.
Shop Our Products in Yellow Blonde

Marigold SI-058

SI-058 swatch

Ginger Blonde CL-059

Ginger Blonde OW-027 weft sample

Ginger Blonde OW-027 is now Ginger Blonde CL-059.
Shop Our Products in Ginger Blonde

Butterscotch SI-059

SI-059 swatch

Light Blonde CL-060

Light Blonde OW-013 weft sample

Light Blonde OW-013 is now Light Blonde CL-060.
Shop Our Products in Light Blonde

Golden Blonde SI-060

SI-060 swatch

Yellow CL-061

Yellow AR009 weft sample

Yellow AR009 is now Yellow CL-061.
Shop Our Products in Yellow

Banana SI-061

SI-061 swatch

Peach CL-062

Peach AR022 weft sample

Peach AR022 is now Peach CL-062.
Shop Our Products in Peach

Cantaloupe SI-062

SI-062 swatch

Orange Sherbert CL-063

Orange Sherbert AR010 weft sample

Orange Sherbert AR010 is now Orange Sherbert CL-063.
Shop Our Products in Orange Sherbert

Apricot SI-063

SI-063 swatch

Light Copper Red CL-064

Light Copper Red OW-025 weft sample

Light Copper Red OW-025 is now Light Copper Red CL-064.
Shop Our Products in Light Copper Red

Persimmon SI-064

SI-064 swatch

Fire Orange CL-065

Fire Orange AR023 weft sample

Fire Orange AR023 is now Fire Orange CL-065.
Shop Our Products in Fire Orange

Tangerine SI-065

SI-065 swatch

Pumpkin CL-066

Pumpkin AR011 weft sample

Pumpkin AR011 is now Pumpkin CL-066.
Shop Our Products in Pumpkin

Amber SI-066

SI-066 swatch

Salmon CL-067

Salmon OW-203 weft sample

Salmon OW-203 is now Salmon CL-067.
Shop Our Products in Salmon

Coral SI-067

SI-067 swatch

Dark Copper Red CL-068

Dark Copper Red OW-015 weft sample

Dark Copper Red OW-015 is now Dark Copper Red CL-068.
Shop Our Products in Dark Copper Red

Auburn SI-068

SI-068 swatch

Warm Light Brown CL-069

Warm Light Brown AR015 weft sample

Warm Light Brown AR015 is now Warm Light Brown CL-069.
Shop Our Products in Warm Light Brown

Cinnamon SI-069

SI-069 swatch

Chocolate CL-070

Chocolate AR021 weft sample

Chocolate AR021 is now Chocolate CL-070.
Shop Our Products in Chocolate

Almond SI-070

SI-070 swatch

Sandy Brown CL-071

Sandy Brown OW-124 weft sample

Sandy Brown OW-124 is now Sandy Brown CL-071.
Shop Our Products in Sandy Brown

Cappuccino SI-071

SI-071 swatch

Light Brown CL-072

Light Brown AR018 weft sample

Light Brown AR018 is now Light Brown CL-072.
Shop Our Products in Light Brown

Sepia SI-072

SI-072 swatch

Desert Brown CL-073

Desert Brown AR037 weft sample

Desert Brown AR037 is now Desert Brown CL-073.
Shop Our Products in Desert Brown

Taupe SI-073

SI-073 swatch

Spanish Brown CL-074

Spanish Brown OW-050 weft sample

Spanish Brown OW-050 is now Spanish Brown CL-074.
Shop Our Products in Spanish Brown

Coffee SI-074

SI-074 swatch

Mahogany CL-075

Mahogany OW-104 weft sample

Mahogany OW-104 is now Mahogany CL-075.
Shop Our Products in Mahogany

Umber SI-075

SI-075 swatch

Dark Brown CL-076

Dark Brown OW-056 weft sample

Dark Brown OW-056 is now Dark Brown CL-076.
Shop Our Products in Dark Brown

Mocha SI-076

SI-076 swatch

Natural Black CL-077

Natural Black OW-080 weft sample

Natural Black OW-080 is now Natural Black CL-077.
Shop Our Products in Natural Black

Espresso SI-077

SI-077 swatch

Black CL-078

Black OW-064 weft sample

Black OW-064 is now Black CL-078.
Shop Our Products in Black

Onyx SI-078

SI-078 swatch

Ash Black CL-079

Ash Black AR028 weft sample

Ash Black AR028 is now Ash Black CL-079.
Shop Our Products in Ash Black

Black Pepper SI-079

SI-079 swatch

Grey CL-080

Grey OW-087 weft sample

Grey OW-087 is now Grey CL-080.
Shop Our Products in Grey

Pewter SI-080

SI-080 swatch

Light Grey CL-081

Light Grey OW-107 weft sample

Light Grey OW-107 is now Light Grey CL-081.
Shop Our Products in Light Grey

Steel Grey SI-081

SI-081 swatch

Silver CL-082

Silver OW-063 weft sample

Silver OW-063 is now Silver CL-082.
Shop Our Products in Silver

Sterling SI-082

SI-082 swatch

Pure White CL-083

Pure White F18 weft sample

Pure White F18 is now Pure White CL-083.
Shop Our Products in Pure White

Snow White SI-083

SI-083 swatch

Seafoam Green AR033

Seafoam Green swatch

Seafoam Green AR033 is now DISCONTINUED.
Shop Our Products in Seafoam Green

Mauve AR039

Mauve AR039 swatch

Mauve AR039 is now DISCONTINUED.
Shop Our Products in Mauve