What does "Out of Stock"/"Coming Soon"/"Request Item"/"DISCONTINUED" mean?

You'll see tags in brackets after some items on our colour swatches.  Here is what you may see, and what they mean:

(Out of Stock) - means that we have carried it before, and will be getting it back as soon as we can.  You can backorder this item.

(Coming Soon) - means that we have ordered it.  To see when we estimate its arrival, please visit our Restock Page.  You can backorder this item.

(Request Item) - means that it’s out of stock, and we haven’t had it in the Canadian warehouse yet.  Although you won’t be able to backorder this item for now, you can send us a request through email or facebook, and we will do our best to accommodate it.  To request an item, just email us through the link located on each product page!

DISCONTINUED - we have carried it in the past, but we won't be reordering it once it runs out.

Can you let me know when the wig I want comes back into stock?

To help you know when things come back into stock, we’ve now added a great notification feature.  This will allow you to get an automatic notification email when the item of your choice is back in stock!  Here’s how it works: On any item that is out of stock in any way, you’ll see a “Notify me when this is in stock” button!  When you click it, a box will pop up, allowing to you choose the colour/size you want to be notified about (if it has multiple colours/sizes), you enter your email, and then click “Notify Me”.  Then when we get it back in stock, you’ll automatically receive an email within minutes.  It’s that easy!  You can also just request any item by email or through facebook, as always.

And finally, to make requesting items as easy as possible, there is now a direct link to our request email on every item page!  You can request any item at any time.

How can I find out shipping rates?

Shipping rates are completely based on the contents of an order, and the address they are going to.  They are pulled live from our carriers into our shopping cart to give you the most up-to-date rates.  To find out shipping rates:

  1. Load your cart with your items.
  2. Proceed to checkout (but don't worry, you're not asked to pay until AFTER you see the shipping rates).
  3. Fill in your shipping information with the address you want the package sent to.
  4. Go to the next page, where you will be presented with the various shipping options and pick-up options that your package qualifies for.
  5. Then you can simply leave the page, or continue to the next page to pay for your order.
Please note that items are only allocated to your order once you have paid for them.  Pre-loading your cart in advance does not mean the item is kept aside for you.