• Bombshell Bangs CLASSIC

Bombshell Bangs CLASSIC

$11.00 CAD + shipping

This bang has two clips and attaches to your wig to add a front fringe that can be worn with a wig or with real hair. From the top of the hair piece to the bottom length is about 7" (18 cm) long. The wefts on this hairpiece are sewn horizontally on a fabric backing, and are not meant to be sharply parted.
(CL-003) Crimson (Request Item)
(CL-004) Apple Red (Request Item)
(CL-021) Plum (Request Item)
(CL-023) Grape (Request Item)
(CL-041) Midnight Blue
(CL-046) Olive (Request Item)
(CL-049) Light Green (Request Item)
(CL-052) Dark Ash Blonde (Request Item)
(CL-053) Ash Blonde (Request Item)
(CL-054) Titanium Blonde (Request Item)
(CL-056) Fairy Blonde (Request Item)
(CL-057) Pale Blonde (Request Item)
(CL-059) Ginger Blonde (Request Item)
(CL-060) Light Blonde (Request Item)
(CL-066) Pumpkin (Request Item)
(CL-068) Dark Copper Red
(CL-069) Warm Light Brown (Request Item)
(CL-070) Chocolate (Request Item)
(CL-071) Sandy Brown
(CL-072) Light Brown (Request Item)
(CL-073) Desert Brown
(CL-074) Spanish Brown (Request Item)
(CL-076) Dark Brown
(CL-077) Deep Brown (Request Item)
(CL-078) Black (Request Item)
(CL-080) Grey (Request Item)
(CL-081) Light Grey (Request Item)
(CL-082) Silver
(CL-083) Pure White