• (SI-003) Vermilion Front
  • (SI-003) Vermilion Side
  • (SI-003) Vermilion Back
  • (SI-004) Scarlet Front
  • (SI-004) Scarlet Side
  • (SI-004) Scarlet Back
  • (SI-005A) Candy Red Front
  • (SI-005A) Candy Red Side
  • (SI-005A) Candy Red Back
  • (SI-005) Fire Red Front
  • (SI-005) Fire Red Back
  • (SI-005) Fire Red Side
  • (SI-006A) Black Cherry Front
  • (SI-006A) Black Cherry Side
  • (SI-006A) Black Cherry Back
  • (SI-025A) Frosted Iris Front
  • (SI-025A) Frosted Iris Side
  • (SI-025A) Frosted Iris Back
  • (SI-030) Sky Blue Front
  • (SI-030) Sky Blue Side
  • (SI-030) Sky Blue Back
  • (SI-032) Neon Blue Front
  • (SI-032) Neon Blue Side
  • (SI-032) Neon Blue Back
  • (SI-033) Lapis Front
  • (SI-033) Lapis Side
  • (SI-033) Lapis Back
  • (SI-036) Mediterranean Blue Front
  • (SI-036) Mediterranean Blue Side
  • (SI-036) Mediterranean Blue Back
  • (SI-038) Navy Front
  • (SI-038) Navy Back
  • (SI-038) Navy Side
  • (SI-039) Marianas Front
  • (SI-039) Marianas Side
  • (SI-039) Marianas Back
  • (SI-046A) Avocado Front
  • (SI-046A) Avocado Side
  • (SI-046A) Avocado Back
  • (SI-046B) Fern Green Front
  • (SI-046B) Fern Green Side
  • (SI-046B) Fern Green Back
  • (SI-052A) Eros Blonde Front
  • (SI-052A) Eros Blonde Side
  • (SI-052A) Eros Blonde Back
  • (SI-052) Nutmeg Front
  • (SI-052) Nutmeg Side
  • (SI-052) Nutmeg Back
  • (SI-053A) Ice Blonde Front
  • (SI-053A) Ice Blonde Side
  • (SI-053A) Ice Blonde Back
  • (SI-053) Sandstone Front
  • (SI-053) Sandstone Side
  • (SI-053) Sandstone Back
  • (SI-054) Bleach Blonde Front
  • (SI-054) Bleach Blonde Back
  • (SI-054) Bleach Blonde Side
  • (SI-055A) Chardonnay Front
  • (SI-055A) Chardonnay Side
  • (SI-055A) Chardonnay Back
  • (SI-056) Honey Front
  • (SI-056) Honey Side
  • (SI-056) Honey Back
  • (SI-057) Custard Front
  • (SI-057) Custard Side
  • (SI-057) Custard Back
  • (SI-060) Golden Blonde Front
  • (SI-060) Golden Blonde Side
  • (SI-060) Golden Blonde Back
  • (SI-066) Sunset Front
  • (SI-066) Sunset Side
  • (SI-066) Sunset Back
  • (SI-067) Coral Front
  • (SI-067) Coral Side
  • (SI-067) Coral Back
  • (SI-067) Coral Front
  • (SI-067) Coral Side
  • (SI-067) Coral Back
  • (SI-073A) Neutral Brown Front
  • (SI-073A) Neutral Brown Back
  • (SI-073A) Neutral Brown Side
  • (SI-074) Coffee Front
  • (SI-074) Coffee Side
  • (SI-074) Coffee Back
  • (SI-074A) Asparagus Front
  • (SI-074A) Asparagus Side
  • (SI-074A) Asparagus Back
  • (SI-076) Mocha Front
  • (SI-076) Mocha Side
  • (SI-076) Mocha Back
  • (SI-077) Espresso Front
  • (SI-077) Espresso Side
  • (SI-077) Espresso Back
  • (SI-077A) Turkish Coffee Front
  • (SI-077A) Turkish Coffee Back
  • (SI-078) Onyx Front
  • (SI-078) Onyx Side
  • (SI-078) Onyx Back
  • (SI-079) Black Pepper Front
  • (SI-079) Black Pepper Side
  • (SI-079) Black Pepper Back
  • (SI-080) Pewter Front
  • (SI-080) Pewter Side
  • (SI-080) Pewter Back
  • (SI-080A) Night Grey Front
  • (SI-080A) Night Grey Side
  • (SI-080A) Night Grey Back
  • (SI-081) Steel Grey Front
  • (SI-081) Steel Grey Side
  • (SI-081) Steel Grey Back
  • (SI-082) Sterling Front
  • (SI-082) Sterling Back
  • (SI-082) Sterling Side
  • (SI-083) Snow White Front
  • (SI-083) Snow White Side
  • (SI-083) Snow White Back


$40.00 CAD + shipping

This wig is similar to our Jaguar style, but with shorter layers in the front and sides. Caine's overall length measures 4" to 5" (10 cm to 13 cm). This wig has no skin top and is thick - good for fluffing or leaving as-is. Because our SILKY fiber is tangle-resistant, it will not hold teasing and spiking as well as our CLASSIC fiber. For styles needing medium to heavy styling, we recommend wigs in our CLASSIC fibers.

(SI-003) Vermilion
(SI-004) Scarlet
(SI-005) Fire Red
(SI-005A) Candy Red
(SI-006A) Black Cherry
(SI-025A) Frosted Iris
(SI-030) Sky Blue
(SI-032) Neon Blue
(SI-033) Lapis
(SI-036) Mediterranean Blue
(SI-038) Navy
(SI-039) Marianas
(SI-046A) Avocado
(SI-046B) Fern Green
(SI-052) Nutmeg
(SI-052A) Eros Blonde
(SI-053) Sandstone
(SI-053A) Ice Blonde
(SI-054) Bleach Blonde
(SI-055A) Chardonnay
(SI-056) Honey
(SI-057) Custard
(SI-060) Golden Blonde
(SI-066) Sunset
(SI-067) Coral
(SI-072) Sepia
(SI-073A) Neutral Brown
(SI-074) Coffee
(SI-074A) Asparagus
(SI-076) Mocha
(SI-077) Espresso
(SI-077A) Turkish Coffee
(SI-078) Onyx
(SI-079) Black Pepper
(SI-080) Pewter
(SI-080A) Night Grey
(SI-081) Steel Grey
(SI-082) Sterling
(SI-083) Snow White