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$90.00 CAD + shipping

We would put a quote here, but it would be TOO LONG

Delilah is approx 60" (152 cm) and has layered ends for a natural look. On a person over 6 feet tall this wig will still go below their knees! There is no short hair in the front, only bangs, making this the longest full wig around, with a ton of fiber.

Made with our signature fiber, it's easy to comb with fingers but, like with any long wig, it WILL tangle on you after extended wear. We strongly suggest braiding or clasps to make upkeep of this wig easier, as well as a wig conditioner. Please note, this is a high-maintenance wig, and is not recommended for people who are not familiar with the care of long wigs.

  • All colors are our heat-resistant CLASSIC fiber. .
  • Check our Flickr Gallery to see customers wearing this wig!
(CL-004) Apple Red
(CL-007) Hot Pink (Request Item)
(CL-025A) Pale Lilac
(CL-028) Periwinkle
(CL-030) Aqua
(CL-032) Electric Blue
(CL-033) Royal Blue (Request Item)
(CL-040) Mirkwood Green
(CL-043) Teal (Request Item)
(CL-046) Olive (Request Item)
(CL-048) Emerald Green (Request Item)
(CL-049) Light Green
(CL-050) Jade (Request Item)
(CL-051) Laurel Green (Request Item)
(CL-052) Dark Ash Blonde
(CL-053) Ash Blonde
(CL-054) Titanium Blonde (Out of Stock)
(CL-056) Fairy Blonde (Out of Stock)
(CL-060) Light Blonde
(CL-062) Peach (Request Item)
(CL-069) Warm Light Brown (Request Item)
(CL-074) Spanish Brown (Request Item)
(CL-076) Dark Brown
(CL-077) Natural Black (Out of Stock)
(CL-078) Black
(CL-022) Dark Purple
(CL-082) Silver
(CL-009) Rose Pink (Out of Stock)
(CL-013) Serah Pink (Out of Stock)
(CL-025) Lilac (Out of Stock)
(CL-039) Raven
(CL-046A) Ivy
(CL-055A) Champagne
(CL-063) Orange Sherbert (Out of Stock)
(CL-057) Pale Blonde