• (SI-023) Violet Front
  • (SI-023) Violet Side
  • (SI-023) Violet Back
  • (SI-053A) Ice Blonde Front
  • (SI-053A) Ice Blonde Side
  • (SI-053A) Ice Blonde Back
  • (SI-057) Custard Front
  • (SI-057) Custard Back
  • (SI-057) Custard Side
  • (SI-058) Marigold Front
  • (SI-058) Marigold Side
  • (SI-058) Marigold Back
  • (SI-063) Apricot Front
  • (SI-063) Apricot Side
  • (SI-063) Apricot Back
  • (SI-068) Auburn Front
  • (SI-068) Auburn Side
  • (SI-068) Auburn Back
  • (SI-070) Almond Front
  • (SI-070) Almond Side
  • (SI-070) Almond Back
  • (SI-072) Sepia Front
  • (SI-072) Sepia Back
  • (SI-072) Sepia Side
  • (SI-073A) Neutral Brown Front
  • (SI-073A) Neutral Brown Side
  • (SI-073A) Neutral Brown Back
  • (SI-001) Sangria Front
  • (SI-001) Sangria Side
  • (SI-001) Sangria Back
  • (SI-003) Vermilion Front
  • (SI-003) Vermilion Side
  • (SI-003) Vermilion Back
  • (SI-009) Sakura Front
  • (SI-009) Sakura Back
  • (SI-009) Sakura Side
  • (SI-033) Lapis Front
  • (SI-033) Lapis Side
  • (SI-033) Lapis Back
  • (SI-036) Mediterranean Blue Front
  • (SI-036) Mediterranean Blue Side
  • (SI-036) Mediterranean Blue Back
  • (SI-038) Navy Front
  • (SI-038) Navy Side
  • (SI-038) Navy Back
  • (SI-039) Marianas Front
  • (SI-039) Marianas Side
  • (SI-039) Marianas Back
  • (SI-040) Seaweed Front
  • (SI-040) Seaweed Side
  • (SI-040) Seaweed Back
  • (SI-041) Peacock Front
  • (SI-041) Peacock Back
  • (SI-041) Peacock Side
  • (SI-052) Nutmeg Front
  • (SI-052) Nutmeg Side
  • (SI-052) Nutmeg Back
  • (SI-053) Sandstone Front
  • (SI-053) Sandstone Side
  • (SI-053) Sandstone Back
  • (SI-054) Bleach Blonde Front
  • (SI-054) Bleach Blonde Side
  • (SI-054) Bleach Blonde Back
  • (SI-055) Sunbeam Front
  • (SI-055) Sunbeam Side
  • (SI-055) Sunbeam Back
  • (SI-055A) Chardonnay Front
  • (SI-055A) Chardonnay Side
  • (SI-055A) Chardonnay Back
  • (SI-056) Honey Front
  • (SI-056) Honey Side
  • (SI-056) Honey Back
  • (SI-060) Golden Blonde Front
  • (SI-060) Golden Blonde Side
  • (SI-060) Golden Blonde Back
  • (SI-060) Golden Blonde Front
  • (SI-060) Golden Blonde Side
  • (SI-060) Golden Blonde Back
  • (SI-069) Cinnamon Front
  • (SI-069) Cinnamon Side
  • (SI-069) Cinnamon Back
  • (SI-073) Taupe Front
  • (SI-073) Taupe Side
  • (SI-073) Taupe Back
  • (SI-074) Coffee Front
  • (SI-074) Coffee Side
  • (SI-074) Coffee Back
  • (SI-074A) Asparagus Front
  • (SI-074A) Asparagus Back
  • (SI-074A) Asparagus Back
  • (SI-076) Mocha Front
  • (SI-076) Mocha Side
  • (SI-076) Mocha Back
  • (SI-077A) Turkish Coffee Front
  • (SI-077A) Turkish Coffee Side
  • (SI-077A) Turkish Coffee Back
  • (SI-078) Onyx Front
  • (SI-078) Onyx Back
  • (SI-078) Onyx Side
  • (SI-077) Espresso Front
  • (SI-077) Espresso Side
  • (SI-077) Espresso Back
  • (SI-080A) Night Grey Front
  • (SI-080A) Night Grey Side
  • (SI-080A) Night Grey Back
  • (SI-080) Pewter Front
  • (SI-080) Pewter Side
  • (SI-080) Pewter Back
  • (SI-081) Steel Grey Front
  • (SI-081) Steel Grey Side
  • (SI-081) Steel Grey Back
  • (SI-082) Sterling Front
  • (SI-082) Sterling Side
  • (SI-082) Sterling Back
  • (SI-083) Snow White Front
  • (SI-083) Snow White Side
  • (SI-083) Snow White Back


$38.00 CAD + shipping

A short, scruffy wig with a small 1" (2.5 cm) skin top at the crown. The fibers are straight and do not flip out like a Hansel, but they are of a similar length. Shorter in the back, with long bangs that hit the bridge of the nose on an person's head.

  • All colours are our heat-resistant SILKY fiber.
(SI-001) Sangria
(SI-003) Vermilion
(SI-009) Sakura
(SI-023) Violet
(SI-033) Lapis
(SI-036) Mediterranean Blue
(SI-038) Navy
(SI-039) Marianas
(SI-040) Seaweed
(SI-041) Peacock
(SI-052A) Eros Blonde (Out of Stock)
(SI-052) Nutmeg
(SI-053A) Ice Blonde
(SI-053) Sandstone
(SI-054) Bleach Blonde
(SI-055A) Chardonnay
(SI-055) Sunbeam
(SI-056) Honey
(SI-057) Custard
(SI-058) Marigold
(SI-060) Golden Blonde
(SI-063) Apricot
(SI-066) Sunset
(SI-068) Auburn
(SI-069) Cinnamon
(SI-070) Almond
(SI-072) Sepia
(SI-073A) Neutral Brown
(SI-073) Taupe
(SI-074A) Asparagus
(SI-074) Coffee
(SI-076) Mocha
(SI-077A) Turkish Coffee
(SI-077) Espresso
(SI-078) Onyx
(SI-080A) Night Grey
(SI-080) Pewter
(SI-081) Steel Grey
(SI-083) Snow White
(SI-025A) Frosted Iris
(SI-082) Sterling