• Hairbun CLASSIC
  • Hairbun CLASSIC


$9.25 CAD + shipping

The go-to hairstyle for fairies, librarians, and fairy librarians.

This hairbun is roughly 3" (7.5 cm) in diameter and has no hooks on the inside, and must be secured to the wig with either pins or by sewing. It comes stuffed with paper to keep its shape; we suggest keeping this paper inside the bun when in use. Also, be sure to spray liberally with hairspray before you go out in the wind!

  • All colors are our heat-resistant CLASSIC fiber.
(CL-002) Maroon (Request Item)
(CL-004) Apple Red (Request Item)
(CL-005A) Rust Red
(CL-006) Raspberry
(CL-006B) Berry
(CL-014) Baby Pink
(CL-022) Dark Purple
(CL-009A) Peony Pink
(CL-009) Rose Pink (Request Item)
(CL-011) Bubblegum (Request Item)
(CL-046) Olive (Out of Stock)
(CL-050) Jade
(CL-052) Dark Ash Blonde
(CL-053) Ash Blonde
(CL-054) Titanium Blonde
(CL-056) Fairy Blonde (Out of Stock)
(CL-057) Pale Blonde
(CL-058) Yellow Blonde
(CL-023) Grape (Request Item)
(CL-060) Light Blonde
(CL-068) Dark Copper Red
(CL-027) Slate Blue DISCONTINUED
(CL-036) Indigo Blue (Request Item)
(CL-038) Dark Blue (Request Item)
(CL-040) Mirkwood Green (Request Item)
(CL-041) Midnight Blue (Request Item)
(CL-046A) Ivy
(CL-046B) Grass Green (Out of Stock)
(CL-048) Emerald Green (Request Item)
(CL-055A) Champagne (Out of Stock)
(CL-059) Ginger Blonde (Request Item)
(CL-066) Pumpkin (Request Item)
(CL-069) Warm Light Brown (Request Item)
(CL-070) Chocolate (Out of Stock)
(CL-074) Spanish Brown
(CL-075) Mahogany (Request Item)
(CL-076) Dark Brown
(CL-077) Deep Brown
(CL-078) Black
(CL-080) Grey
(CL-081) Light Grey (Request Item)
(CL-082) Silver
(CL-083) Pure White (Out of Stock)