• Jeannie CLASSIC (Small - 21" cap)
  • Jeannie CLASSIC (Small - 21" cap)
  • Jeannie CLASSIC (Small - 21" cap)
  • Jeannie CLASSIC (Small - 21" cap)
  • Jeannie CLASSIC (Small - 21" cap)
  • Jeannie CLASSIC (Small - 21" cap)

Jeannie CLASSIC (Small - 21" cap)

$57.00 CAD + shipping

Jeannie comes with a large skincap runs the top 5" (13 cm) portion of this wig, and is flush with the front edge, just like the Eowyn. You can now part these bangs at any point.

This style comes with a high ponytail clip to put over the existing ponytail. It is 38" (96.5 cm), thicker, and has some layers and wave to it. Having a clip-in ponytail helps the wig stay on the head in a more balanced way, as you can slide it in to grip your wig cap and hair. The short ponytail is approx 11" (28 cm) long, easy to restyle if mussed in storage or transit.

Also, this ponytail is thick and very heavy. In order to help keep it high on the head, there are shorter wefts around the interior of the ponytail area to help give the wig itself coverage and thickness. These wefts are not as long as the ponytail itself.

PLEASE READ: This wig comes in TWO cap sizes: SMALL size caps are approx 21 inches; LARGE size caps are approx 23 inches. These measurements are for the DEPTH of the cap, not the circumference itself. If you measure your hairline circumference to be in the middle of the two sizes (22 inches), we suggest going with the larger size if you have thick and/or long hair, though you might fit into the small size if you have short hair such as a pixie cut or a thinner bob. The tightness of he ponytail can increase or decrease the inside sizing. For the best fit, secure the wig's hairline around your own with bobby pins, and re-tie the ponytail/s while wearing it. We offer various tutorials on how to modify our ponytail wigs to make them smaller or larger. We do not offer exchanges or refunds on this wig for size being too large or too small if it has been worn. Please measure your head thoroughly and email us before purchase if you have questions.

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