• Long Bang CLASSIC


$17.00 CAD + shipping

Instant bang of color!

This bang has three small snap clips and attaches to your wig to add length or a contrasting color and can be worn with a wig or with real hair. This bang can be cut and is approx 8" (20 cm) long. The wefts on this hairpiece are sewn horizontally on a fabric backing, and are not meant to be sharply parted.

  • All colors are our heat-resistant CLASSIC fiber.
(CL-002) Maroon (Request Item)
(CL-003) Crimson (Request Item)
(CL-004) Apple Red (Request Item)
(CL-049) Light Green
(CL-054) Titanium Blonde
(CL-056) Fairy Blonde
(CL-060) Light Blonde
(CL-009) Rose Pink (Request Item)
(CL-074) Spanish Brown
(CL-076) Dark Brown
(CL-077) Deep Brown
(CL-078) Black
(CL-014) Baby Pink (Request Item)
(CL-082) Silver
(CL-083) Pure White
(CL-023) Grape (Request Item)
(CL-048) Emerald Green (Out of Stock)
(CL-052) Dark Ash Blonde (Out of Stock)
(CL-053) Ash Blonde (Request Item)
(CL-057) Pale Blonde (Request Item)
(CL-066) Pumpkin (Request Item)