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  • Lumin's Workshop Foam Clay 300g
  • Lumin's Workshop Foam Clay 300g
  • Lumin's Workshop Foam Clay 300g
  • Lumin's Workshop Foam Clay 300g

Lumin's Workshop Foam Clay 300g

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Lumin's Workshop Foam Clay starts out as a foamy putty-like clay that air-dries into an ultra-lightweight high-density foam! Dried pieces can be sanded, cut, heat formed, painted, and glued to virtually anything. Use for:

  • Sculpting lightweight details on cosplay armour, props, and set pieces
  • Adding texture to EVA Foam and joining pieces together
  • Use in silicone molds for quick, lightweight casts
  • Create virtually weightless accessories
  • Lightweight SFX prosthetics
  • Sculpting decorations and other crafts
  • Kids crafts - Foam Clay is non-toxic and popular with teachers!
  • Using Foam Clay as a gap filler
Click for Tips & Tricks!
  • Little amounts of water can be used while sculpting to keep the surface of the clay supple.
  • Add more water to create a Foam Clay paste that can be used as an adhesive, texture, seam filler, and even piped to create faux icing.
  • Thicker pieces will take up to 48 hours to dry completely, while thinner pieces will dry more quickly. Pieces do not need to be completely dry to paint, but they do need to be completely dry to sand. ▶️ Sanding Foam Clay
  • White Foam Clay is translucent and diffuses LEDs!
  • White Foam Clay can be dyed with food dyes, fabric dyes, inks, markers, paints, and other mediums. Experiment on small batches first to achieve the desired colour. ▶️ How to dye white Foam Clay
  • When using Foam Clay in molds, place your filled mold in the freezer. After at least an hour, the casts can be easily removed and left out to dry evenly on all sides! ▶️ Using Foam Clay in molds
  • We recommend sealing your piece with a flexible primer/sealer like Flexbond to maintain flexibility and durability in your finished piece! ▶️ Priming and painting Foam Clay with Flexbond
  • Foam Clay sticks to EVA Foam very well - wet the surface of your foam first for an even better hold.