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Luthien SILKY

$57.00 CAD + shipping

Long, luscious, and lovely.

Luthien is an ultra-long version of our Ferrari. This wig is about 32" (81 cm) long from the crown, or about 36" (91.5 cm) long when straightened and the bangs are 11" (28 cm) long from the crown. A great choice for those who wanted a longer wavy style with bangs that frame the face. This style is not suitable for a high ponytail, though you can use it for low ponytails, buns, or pigtails.

(SI-026) Wisteria
(SI-043) Turquoise
(SI-014) Tulip Pink
(SI-073) Taupe
(SI-011) Taffy
(SI-066) Amber
(SI-023) Violet
(SI-003) Vermillion
(SI-053) Sandstone
(SI-060) Golden Blonde (Coming Soon)
(SI-074) Coffee
(SI-030) Sky Blue (Out of Stock)
(SI-009) Sakura
(SI-052) Nutmeg
(SI-038) Navy (Coming Soon)
(SI-058) Marigold
(SI-025) Iris (Coming Soon)
(SI-028) Ice Blue
(SI-056) Honey
(SI-057) Custard
(SI-077) Espresso
(SI-071) Cappuccino
(SI-059) Butterscotch
(SI-022) Blackberry
(SI-034) Blueberry
(SI-079) Black Pepper
(SI-029) Baby Blue
(SI-068) Auburn
(SI-046) Army Green
(SI-012) Carnation (Coming Soon)
(SI-082) Sterling
(SI-004) Scarlet
(SI-083) Snow White
(SI-054) Bleach Blonde
(SI-002) Garnet
(SI-044) Sea Green
(SI-078) Onyx