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  • NIC-AR014
  • NIC-AR014


$50.00 CAD + shipping

The world didn't give this wig to me and the world can't take it away.

Nicki is a shoulder length mass of curls that are fluffy and easy to tease out with short straight 4" (10 cm) bangs. This wig has no skin top to make giving it volume even easier. The hair from the crown of the head to the end of the wig is 15" (38 cm) inches long.

  • All colors are our heat-resistant CLASSIC fiber.
(CL-003) Crimson (Out of Stock)
(CL-006) Raspberry
(CL-007) Hot Pink
(CL-010) Princess Pink
(CL-018) Lavender
(CL-025) Lilac
(CL-044) Ocean Green
(CL-050) Jade
(CL-078) Black
(CL-021) Plum (Coming Soon)
(CL-029) Powder Blue (Out of Stock)
(CL-056) Fairy Blonde
(CL-065) Fire Orange (Out of Stock)
(CL-083) Pure White (Out of Stock)