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$50.00 CAD + shipping

This wig is the boss.

Nina is similar to the Natasha, but with a lovely wave starting halfway down the back. It has straight-cut bangs in the front, and gently feathered sides and back, which make this a very flattering wig, perfect for lolita or other fashions! The short, feather-cropped bangs measure 7.5" (19 cm) from crown to tip, and should hit around the eyebrow. The overall length from crown to back with the wave is 26" (66 cm).

(SI-003) Vermillion
(SI-075) Umber
(SI-014) Tulip Pink
(SI-073) Taupe
(SI-066) Amber
(SI-082) Sterling
(SI-081) Steel Grey (Coming Soon)
(SI-083) Snow White (Out of Stock)
(SI-030) Sky Blue
(SI-072) Sepia
(SI-004) Scarlet
(SI-053) Sandstone
(SI-009) Sakura (Coming Soon)
(SI-015) Roseberry
(SI-080) Pewter
(SI-052) Nutmeg
(SI-038) Navy (Coming Soon)
(SI-076) Mocha
(SI-058) Marigold
(SI-025) Iris
(SI-056) Honey (Coming Soon)
(SI-060) Golden Blonde
(SI-002) Garnet
(SI-047) Forest Green
(SI-057) Custard
(SI-074) Coffee (Out of Stock)
(SI-071) Cappuccino
(SI-059) Butterscotch
(SI-022) Blackberry
(SI-029) Baby Blue
(SI-068) Auburn
(SI-077) Espresso
(SI-078) Onyx (Out of Stock)
(SI-054) Bleach Blonde (Coming Soon)
(SI-037) Charcoal Blue (Out of Stock)