• Short Weft SILKY

Short Weft SILKY

$13.50 CAD + shipping

Short wefts! They go with the long wefts!

These wefts are nothing but an 8 foot (244 cm) long string of sewn fiber and weigh half a ton. No lie. The length of the hair is 19" (48 cm) inches. WOW! WHAT A DEAL!

(SI-026) Wisteria
(SI-023) Violet
(SI-003) Vermillion
(SI-075) Umber
(SI-043) Turquoise
(SI-014) Tulip Pink
(SI-073) Taupe
(SI-065) Tangerine
(SI-011) Taffy
(SI-070) Almond
(SI-030) Sky Blue
(SI-071) Cappuccino
(SI-061) Banana
(SI-068) Auburn
(SI-029) Baby Blue
(SI-019) Amethyst
(SI-021) Eggplant
(SI-006) Dragonfruit
(SI-007) Flamingo
(SI-066) Amber
(SI-055) Sunbeam
(SI-082) Sterling
(SI-081) Steel Grey
(SI-083) Snow White
(SI-072) Sepia
(SI-004) Scarlet
(SI-035) Sapphire
(SI-001) Sangria
(SI-053) Sandstone
(SI-009) Sakura
(SI-020) Royal Purple
(SI-036) Prussian Blue
(SI-042) Pistachio
(SI-002) Garnet
(SI-008) Fuschia
(SI-005) Fire Red
(SI-028) Ice Blue
(SI-056) Honey
(SI-060) Golden Blonde
(SI-025) Iris
(SI-058) Marigold
(SI-054) Bleach Blonde
(SI-013) Petal Pink
(SI-012) Carnation
(SI-022) Blackberry
(SI-032) Neon Blue
(SI-034) Blueberry
(SI-038) Navy
(SI-039) Marianas
(SI-041) Peacock
(SI-050) Moss
(SI-049) Lime
(SI-052) Nutmeg
(SI-057) Custard
(SI-059) Butterscotch
(SI-069) Cinnamon
(SI-074) Coffee
(SI-076) Mocha
(SI-078) Onyx
(SI-080) Pewter
(SI-048) Kelly Green
(SI-033) Lapis
(SI-079) Black Pepper
(SI-027) Cornflower
(SI-018) Thistle
(SI-040) Seaweed
(SI-051) Seafoam
(SI-015) Roseberry
(SI-044) Sea Green
(SI-010) Pink Lemonade
(SI-064) Persimmon
(SI-045) Persian Green
(SI-024) Neon Purple
(SI-047) Forest Green
(SI-077) Espresso
(SI-067) Coral
(SI-062) Cantaloupe
(SI-031) Cerulean
(SI-046) Army Green
(SI-016) Aurora Pink
(SI-017) Antique Rose
(SI-063) Apricot
(SI-037) Steel Blue