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Tomei Clay

$19.95 CAD + shipping

A great alternative for projects that need a little bit of sculptural flexibility and Colour! Tomei clay is a two part, self-hardening resin that you can knead, shape, and sculpt. This product does come with a learning curve, so please make full use of all of our product tester's videos and tutorials below, and don't be afraid to ask us questions at info@ardawigscanada.ca
  • Tomei clay is mixed in a 2:1 ratio, two parts hardener to one part Colour. We recommend weighing the material with a gram scale to ensure perfect cure ratio.
  • To make a lighter, less saturated Colour, mix the Colour of your choice with the Crystal Colour to create an array of tones. Crystal still comes in two parts, the Colour and the hardener, so make sure you mix the Crystal Colour with the Colour of your choice, and maintain the 2:1 ratio!
  • Tomei can be viscous and sticky at room temperature; combat this by having a cup of ice water on hand to firm up your clay. Clay can also be put in the refrigerator to slow cure time, or to help the clay cure in the desired shape. Patience and time is best when working with this clay if attempting a difficult sculpt, as the clay will need to be removed to room temperature periodically to help it cure.
  • Be careful, as Tomei does become brittle at colder temperatures, and delicate portions will easily break if mishandled while cold.
  • Always use the Tomei release on your gloves and clay cutter, and always wear gloves! Find those items here!
  • This clay CAN be used with silicone and rubber molds.
  • Tomei is perfect for embedding LEDs or other materials inside, or placing in carved shapes in armor or props where regular resin might run out. Make sure any lights you embed do not give off heat, as heat will make the clay reactivate and become soft again.
  • Use a heat gun to soften up your clay even further and embed more delicate items, like flowers or small metal effects.
Be sure to show us what you've created!
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