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Drops of the Sun is a one-part UV resin, great for both veterans and novice casters alike. Perfect for small to medium-scale casting projects, the resin can be poured into a silicone mold and cured with the aid of a UV lamp for a few minutes or in direct sunlight for a few hours. We advise using clear silicone molds to ensure the UV/sunlight makes direct contact with all parts of the resin. If you are casting in opaque molds, casting in layers works very well. UV resin can be sanded and carved, but always work with a respirator and safety goggles as well as vinyl gloves. Drops of the Sun has a shelf life of one year when sealed. Once opened it is best used within a few months. UV resin emits a small amount of heat while curing. Store in an opaque bottle in a dark place.

Hard type (shore hardness - D70) resin is the same texture and hardness as typical two-part resin. Soft type (shore hardness - D40) resin has a slight flexibility after curing. Gummy type (shore hardness A53) resin has the texture and flexibility of a soft rubber. (Price comparison: 25g bottle/$0.64 per fl oz | 100g bottle/$0.50 per fl oz | 200g bottle/$0.41 per fl oz | 500g bottle/$0.37 per fl oz) Soft Type Safety Data Sheet Hard Type Safety Data Sheet Gummy Type Safety Data Sheet