• Worbla TranspArt

Worbla TranspArt

$23.00 CAD + shipping

Worbla Transpa Art - the transparent thermoplastic sheet from Worbla's Finest Art! Unlike regular Worbla, this product should be heated to 120C (250F), so wearing work gloves with rubberized fingers is recommended. The material cools down after a few minutes but can be reactivated as often as you like, so you can work bit by bit. It is recommended to use a wet sponge, old toothbrush, or modeling tools for sculpting.

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You can also cast WOTA into molds. When kneaded the material becomes a little milky, so you can create semi-opaque effects as well such as LED-backed stones. You can paint Worbla's Transpa Art with spray-paint or with a thermal foil used for car detailing. Surplus material should be removed after heating the material again. Rough areas can be smoothed using clear lacquer or nail-polish. To connect pieces or fuse layers, we recommend using clear superglue. It does not adhere to itself in the same way that regular Worbla does.

TranspArt is not perfectly clear. Please note that sheets will have lines from the injection molding process through the length of the sheet and occasional divots. These can be heated and stretched out when shaping and are not considered defects.